Gil Ziffer is the newly elected 2017-2018 president of the Florida League of Cities, the organization that represents more 400 municipalities in the state.

Ziffer, 60, has served on the Tallahassee City Commission since 2009 and is seeking re-election next year.

President of Ziffer Stansbury Communications, Ziffer also serves as chairman of the National League of Cities Human Development Advocacy Committee and is a member of the national league’s board of directors.

Five questions for Gil Ziffer:

Q: As the newly elected president of the Florida League of Cities, you have pledged to protect the home-rule power of local government through your “Let Cities Work!” initiative. Can you explain why that is important to the cities?

ZIFFER: It’s really important to the citizens who live in these cities. People move to different cities for the quality of life they get in those regions in which they choose to live. Living in Miami is different than living in Monticello. When you allow us to do what’s right for our local communities, it’s much better than the one size fits all, which the Legislature seems to be pushing down on us.

When it comes to quality of life, when it comes to those issues that are important to people locally, like zoning, and other things that make it special for where you are, what the Legislature is doing with massive pre-emptions (of local authority) just doesn’t work for the people who live in our communities.

Q: An example of a pre-emption issue was the adoption of a new law this year that pre-empts local government control of public rights of way when it comes to the placement of small wireless equipment. Why is that a bad idea? Won’t it make wireless services more available and effective?

ZIFFER: There isn’t a city or

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