Curiously, the Tampa Bay Times recently started reporting the All for Transportation tax hike in Hillsborough County will raise $15.8 billion over 30 years — while they consistently called it a $280 million per year, $9 billion tax before and just after the election.

Times Publisher Paul Tash has been all-in for Jeff Vinik who bailed out the struggling paper. AFT has been Vinik’s baby.

Here are just few examples from the Times’ recent reporting:

“Hillsborough County Commissioner Stacy White filed a lawsuit Tuesday seeking to invalidate the 30-year, $15.8 billion transportation sales tax that voters approved in November.” (Story link HERE.)

“Now, a TV station is reporting that White plans to go to court to try to stop the three-decade, $15.8 billion tax from ever being collected.” (Story link HERE.)

“Commissioners instructed county staff to start identifying road and sidewalk projects that could get started in 2019 thanks to the new revenue stream the 1-cent sales tax will generate, estimated to be $302 million per year.” (Story link HERE.)

But in the prior months, they called it a “$9 billion backlog,” or conflated the AFT amendment with the Hillsborough MPO LRTP.

“But no one has come up with the money for

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