Tampa Bay's coronavirus risk assessment data shows smaller holiday gatherings are safer

TAMPA, Fla (WFLA) – Coronavirus is still raging on across the country, with new cases erupting in many states, and a new interactive map is showing what the impact of holiday gatherings could be locally.

The map, created by researchers at Georgia Tech, shows the risk of at least one COVID-positive person being at a gathering and how that could impact others at a gathering between 10 and 5,000 people.

As a whole, Florida gatherings with up to 50 people are mostly within the range of a 25-75% risk, with the exceptions of Bay and Jackson counties, both located at the panhandle.

In the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas, Citrus and Highlands counties events with 50 people were at the highest risk of spreading coronavirus— a 53% and 59% risk, respectively.

Residents in the other eight counties making up the Tampa Bay area have a 25-50% risk of catching the coronavirus at events with up to 50 people, but researchers warn that the risk increases as the number of people increases.

In the last seven days, Johns Hopkins reported that the United States has surpassed 11.2 million confirmed cases, and projections from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation paint

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