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***Doctors & Clinics do not sell or dispense cannabis/marijuana products or any other products. They are medical offices that strictly provide medical services.***

With Physicians you can trust specializing in Compassionate Care & All Natural Medicine, Green Health Doctors are the #1 Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors. Our skilled Doctors will evaluate your ailments for THC and CBD Medical Marijuana as a treatment plan for your conditions and provide options for an alternative to pharmaceuticals. Green Health closely follows all medical marijuana laws in Florida state and we assure you 100% privacy.4007 N Taliaferro Ave - Suite B Tampa, Florida 33603 Specialties: Cannabis Therapeutics

4007 N Taliaferro Ave – Suite B

Tampa, Florida 33603

Specialties: Cannabis Therapeutics

Hours: Mon – Sat 9am – 9pm

Phone: 727-329-8802

Fee Schedule:

Initial Visit $225

Follow-Up Visit: $95

Renewal Visit: $225


Dan G
Dan G
18:10 02 May 17
Wonderful people. Receptionist (Stephanie) was extremely helpful. Dr was fantastic. Very understanding and helpful to the needs of my physical and mental health. Would recommend green health to anyone who truly needs more
16:21 15 Mar 17
I won't go back to this doctor, and I wouldn't recommend this particular location. I am not sure if this is a scam yet. I waited 2 hours for my appointment, and the doctor had me in his office for another 45 minutes. The doctor told me some things that seemed scientifically accurate, but also kept insisting that I set up an appointment with him at his private practice (never offered to contact my primary care doctor with his notes), he gave me his private practice's card, and never copied any of my medical documents or records. He noted cosmetic issues and volunteered to take care of them with lasers, etc. He was definitely trying to upsell me on treatments at his practice. Be wary - only set up the appointments with Green Health to establish care - you DO NOT need to see this doctor at his private practice no matter how much he insists! You may end up spending more money than you need to! Also be prepared for long wait times, as I heard this is a very common complaint about the Tampa office.If you're in the bay area I would consider setting up an appointment in St. Pete instead, maybe you'll have better more
W(an)T Collective
W(an)T Collective
17:27 21 Mar 17
My experience was wonderful! The office was very clean and professional and the experience was much better then I was expecting. I will definitely recommend these guys to anyone who needs MMJ. So Happy to this finally happening in Florida!!!read more
miguel collado
miguel collado
14:33 30 Mar 17
The hospital mailed the records I called to make an appointment , one said they will call back, never did. One week after I called again, they will call me back again , they never did. Finally, I called again and now they say the medical records are not in get them and call us back. That's bad serviceread more
Illy O
Illy O
17:27 12 Apr 17
Great, he listens and I need his help.
Brittany Asher
Brittany Asher
14:51 05 Oct 18
I had been trying to get in contact with someone for about a week. They called me two days after my prescription expired asking when I would like to make another appointment. They would not allow me to renew my prescription date after receiving my card, they said I needed to make another appt. Which is $$ After my initial appointment I was told to call back after receiving my card because it takes a few weeks. Even after speaking with a receptionist they did nothing to resolve the issue only apologize. Definitely going to find another doctor with better customer service .read more
Marde Del Rio
Marde Del Rio
23:20 16 Apr 19
This is a 3rd rate clinic. There are dozens of clinics better than this place.
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