Tampa Mayor Jane Castor to boost local business participation in city contracts process through social media engagement

The city of Tampa is beginning to advertise bid opportunities on social media in order to boost participation in the city’s procurement processes.

The city will advertise opportunities for businesses to provide goods and services to the city on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The city has historically been criticized for not having an inclusive bidding process for city contracts, instead utilizing larger, often out-of-town companies to contract with the city.

The procurement process is most well-known for large-scale, highlights-profile projects like revamping large parks, building new city facilities or completing transportation projects.

However, the bidding process extends to multiple levels of city government and can include smaller services like providing catering for events or minor services like cleaning offices or consulting on technology.

The city’s purchasing department will post listings on social media for bidding opportunities. The department is responsible for acquiring needed goods and serves as efficiently and inexpensive as possible while also ensuring the process provides an equal opportunity for all qualified vendors.

It’s the latest step in a series of efforts by Jane Castor’s new administration to create an inclusive business environment between the city and its private businesses.

“Local businesses are

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