Surterra Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Tampa, FL

2558 E Fowler Ave
Tampa, FL 33612

Hours of Operation:

MON-SAT: 10-7
SUN: 12-5

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available On Site

Dispensary/MMTC – Open

A Surterra Wellness Center located at 2558 E Fowler Ave in Tampa, FL 33612 is now open. This cannabis store in North Tampa is conveniently located to service Temple Terrace, Carrollwood, Egypt Lake-Leto and Hillsborough County overall.

Surterra Wellness provides top quality marijuana products to patients with a Florida medical card. This North Tampa cannabis store has the popular Coral Reefer cannabis brand, a collaboration with the singer Jimmy Buffet.

Surterra is dedicated to building far stronger standards in the cultivation, extraction, and production to help provide patients great THC and CBD menu products. Low THC high CBD products are available to MMJ patients near Tampa as well.

Surterra Products


Surterra Wellness cannabis RX products are available by home delivery or business in Tampa, Temple Terrace, Carrollwood, Egypt Lake-Leto and throughout Hillsborough County. FREE Statewide Delivery!

Call 850.391.5455 between 9am-5pm est Mon-Fri for Surterra Deliveries RX. Surterra’s low-THC High CBD products are available for patients with a Florida Med Card who need non-euphoric care.

Find a recommending doctor on our Doctors Maps or fill out the Patient Registration Form to get started.

Surterra Florida

What People Are Saying

Lorraine Watkins
Lorraine W.
01:34 12 Oct 20
Sam and Vu did a great job of answering my questions. They also gave advice on purchasing the vape pen. When I was ready to check out, Sam made sure to ask if I was the a military member or spouse of a veteran. This enabled me to get a discount I didn’t know I was eligible for. Awesome service!read more
meme innocent
meme I.
04:48 02 Oct 20
very nice customer service right along with very nice & satisfying Items I recommend This place 100%..
Lauren French
Lauren F.
22:17 28 Sep 20
Third visit, and they have been so nice. Sam has helped me twice and has been so compassionate and willing to help in any more
Kat Burke
Kat B.
23:43 23 Sep 20
Allan was fantastic. This was my first visit to Suterra, but I will 100% be back! Keep being awesome
Emily Bracey
Emily B.
20:53 15 Sep 20
I went in with very little knowledge of cbd and thc ratios and everything and Arella was super helpful and answered all my questions! She made great suggestions for me and I will definitely be back! All the employees were friendly and welcoming too!read more
Derk Shultz
Derk S.
12:30 07 Sep 20
Arella was extremely helpful and nice.
Bonnie Leedy
Bonnie L.
16:16 01 Sep 20
Best location I’ve been to yet! Allan was extremely helpful in helping me navigate products to match my needs. Thank you to all the staff at the Fowler Location. Tried my new products and I love them! Shatter is amazing and very cost effective for me. The right balance of terpines makes the best products and Suterra Wellness in general accomplishes that goal. You guys are the best!read more
caleb eide
caleb E.
01:44 20 Aug 20
I was extremely happy with the service Samantha provided me. She was very knowledgeable and patient during the whole experience, def my favorite and would recommend for anybody new to the situation and need help. She’s genuine in her cares and concerns towards what I needed which is very rare in Florida more
Kelli Cook
Kelli C.
10:40 18 Aug 20
This place is amazing, not just price wise or cleanliness, which is outstanding but their customer service is immaculate. I adore all the ladies in there that have helped me every time. I was helped by Sam today and she was not only helpful with my order but was knowledgeable to break down other new products they had in store. Give them all a raise! 🙂read more
Shanna Heflin
Shanna H.
23:21 15 Aug 20
Samantha was amazing! So helpful and I loved everything I got. I actually got great sleep with the dream capsules. I will definitely be back to see Samantha from now on. Thank you for everything!!read more
Thomas McNish
Thomas M.
21:44 14 Aug 20
Love this place and their products. Claire, in particular, has demonstrated a deep knowledge of the products and how they work. She listened empathetically as I told her my situation, and answered all of my questions beyond satisfaction. Can’t recommend this place highly more
zuhair fattah
zuhair F.
11:52 10 Aug 20
Past few visits I’ve been dealing with Sam and she is awesome. Very helpful and knowledgeable every time I go there!
Jeep Lucille
Jeep L.
22:18 09 Aug 20
Love this place! Samantha is terrific and helped me out a lot today! The first person to alert me that spouses could use the military discount as well! Thanks Surterra!read more
Jose Caraballo
Jose C.
23:28 05 Aug 20
What a experience Claire and Quin helped me and they knew all the answers to my questions. Like having a conversation with friends and the products are top notch!!!!! I’d give you 10 stars off your customer service like the some other places I been too! Thank you!!!!!!read more
Doug Nechodom
Doug N.
14:10 25 Jul 20
These are the best dispensaries in Florida great atmosphere very professional staff Claire was very professional and patient with my many questions. She deserves a raise. Dispensary workers are essential and should be paid as more
19:31 13 Jul 20
Great experience! Very professional and focused on your health. Destiny at the front desk was very friendly and knowledgeable, and made the whole process quick and easy. Thanks so much!read more
Sprout Happy
Sprout H.
19:55 15 May 20
Brian D. & Quentin (hope I got their names right) were both very helpful today. They got me set up with the best distillate with cannabis derived terpenes that I’ve tried yet. Float brand cartridges (definitely try them if you are on the fence). They had masks on and enforced social distancing while also going our of their way to help me understand the products. Good stuffread more
dylan burke
dylan B.
00:08 15 May 20
Quality customer service with quality medicine and well knowledged Staff. Great place to visit. Very friendly atmosphere. Thanks!read more
Raeanna Couch
Raeanna C.
23:05 30 Apr 20
Sam was amazing! Best customer service I’ve gotten! Super friendly and knowledgeable.
Dakota Dabrowski
Dakota D.
18:03 15 Apr 20
I had gotten the wrong strain of a product (wanted relief theragels, got zen by mistake). When I realized the mistake I came back for an exchange, not a return, just wanted to exchange for the right product. I also used my 2nd time 20% off on this product. 2 employees spoke at the same time, one said yes I could, the other said no and the one that said no just said sorry we can’t. At other dispensaries I was given a discount on a product that they said I couldn’t exchange and I hadn’t even used a discount, it was just good customer service.I’m disappointed in the lack of unification on policy (the two employees saying different things) and I am disappointed in the lack of customer care. It was an un-opened product but I can still understand not taking it back in these times, however even when I didn’t use a discount SOME sort of show of customer service would have been nice. I might try other surterra locations but not this one again and it’s the closest dispo to my more
 Claudia  F
Claudia F
01:28 03 Mar 20
Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Great atmosphere. Wish they offered more options for a discount. Great products but more
Stephanie Lash
Stephanie L.
17:50 03 Feb 20
I haven’t been to Surterra since 2016. I stopped in today and was so pleased. This place is like a Bud Boutique. It’s quaint. The staff greeted me immediately and was very knowledgeable. There were three employees there. All three were helping me and other patients. Other dispensaries have ten employees milling about not helping anyone. Service was nice and friendly. I’d love to try flower but it’s not yet available in Tampa. I’m very happy with product and experience!read more
Denise Cone
Denise C.
01:32 20 Dec 19
I am extremely pleased with my visit to Surterra. My wellness coordinator was very knowledgeable, professional and patient. She took time to explain the products, the dosages and how the product is to be used.I would highly recommend the Surterra dispensary. I have had chronic pain for many years, and am happy to have this remedy to relieve my pain. Thank you more
Janelle Sharp
Janelle S.
20:18 04 Dec 19
Very nice and patience care associates. Service was instant and I was out within just a few minutes. I recommend their vape products!read more
Morgan taylor
Morgan T.
17:20 03 Dec 19
Brain was awesome, placed a pick up order and got there as soon as they opened, it was already ready! Helpful with information about the products. 🙂read more
Samantha Brady-Aguilar
Samantha B.
20:49 25 Nov 19
The staff is amazing, extremely knowledgeable, honest and conpassionate. The products are wonderful. I am loving the Jimmy Buffet Line. I have interacted with every single staff member and they are superb at their jobs. They all deserve a raise. I may suggest you leave out a tip more
Fig Cassidy
Fig C.
16:40 03 Oct 19
GREAT MEDICATION albeit a little pricey;Great Medtenders!
Frantz Merisier
Frantz M.
23:14 28 Feb 18
Felt nothing but LOVE the moment I walked into Surterra Wellness Center on a beautiful Monday afternoon. I was very surprised by how different Surterra (Tampa) is compared to the other local dispensary I have frequented since I’ve gotten my medicinal card! VERY clean and filled with lots of zen energy! Dre H. was super knowledgeable in all the products they had available. Gave me great insight as to dosages that I would need on the daily basis. Annie and Ian a.k.a “Yoda” …again all were super friendly and knew everything about everything when it came to products. This has got to be one of the most friendliest places that I have ever had the privilege in visiting and hands down the BEST looking and smelling!! Totally breaks whatever negative stereotypes anyone may have regarding dispensaries, I thought Denver had some nice ones, but Surterra Wellness Center (Tampa) blew my mind and left me with a smile that’s lasted ever since. And also…GREAT PRICES and a WONDERFUL array of QUALITY products. I hope they open one in Riverview, FL soon!!read more
dawnie ludwig
dawnie L.
17:43 12 Jan 18
Excellent customer service. Nice clean place.
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