Tanya Quickel: Local leaders should be trained, prepared for demands of public service

Public service is an honorable calling for many Floridians who volunteer their time and expertise to help their communities.

While every person who chooses to serve makes an important commitment, serving in government can be an especially demanding commitment because it comes with the responsibility to be a good steward of tax dollars and accountability for compliance with Florida law.

Every year, many Floridians choose to serve their communities on the governing boards of our most basic levels of local government — special districts — often with little preparation for the demands of being a public official.

And while Florida law is very clear that every public official — whether elected, appointed or hired — is responsible for following strict rules of accountability, there is actually no requirement that the leaders of special districts undergo any training for public service.

It’s a little like being given the lead part in a play, except you don’t get the script until opening night, and you don’t get to read it until the spotlight is shining on you.

Personally, I found it to be a daunting assignment that my professional experience hadn’t fully prepared me for. That’s why

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