Taylor Lautner Won't Be Returning as Sharkboy in We Can Be Heroes and Twitter Isn't Happy

Taylor Lautner fans are not taking this news swimmingly.

On Nov. 18, Netflix revealed a poster for the upcoming sequel to the 2005 family adventure movie The Adventures of Sharkboy & Lavagirl, which starred the then-young Twilight alum as Sharkboy. The new film, titled We Can Be Heroes, sees the return of original Lavagirl Taylor Dooley, whose character shares daughter Guppy (played by Vivien Lyra Blair) with Sharkboy. Except, as made evident by the poster, Sharkboy looks a little different this time around. Instead of Lautner reprising his role, it’s actor JJ Dashnaw who wears the fins. 

Why, exactly, Lautner did not return to the franchise is unclear, but one thing is obvious: Fans aren’t happy about this Sharkboy (Sharkman?) imposter. Shortly after news was announced, Lautner’s name began trending on social media. 

“first of all, there should have never been a sequel to sharkboy and lavagirl bc it will NEVER compare to the original,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “and second, THERE IS NO TAYLOR LAUTNER?? that ain’t gonna fly, sir.”

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