Taylor Swift Just Turned Her Cardigan Into the Ultimate Punch Line This Holiday Season

What’s in your closet? 

With holiday shopping in full swing, Americans are purchasing more items and keeping track of their spending. In other words, they want to know what’s in their wallet. So perhaps it should come as no surprise that Capital One decided to release a brand-new commercial this week featuring the one and only Taylor Swift

In the new ad released Nov. 9, Taylor gave fans a look inside one of her closets. “It’s looking kinda chilly out today,” she said. “What am I gonna wear?”

When the barn doors open and the full closet is revealed, Swifties lay eyes on an important article of clothing beloved by Taylor. “I think I’ll go with cardigan,” she added before picking out a piece.

As pop culture fans know, “cardigan” was one of the biggest hits on Taylor’s surprise album, folklore, released in July. Taylor’s eighth studio album came with little to no warning making it an even better treat for fans.

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