In the three years since her last studio album was released to record-breaking sales and rapturous reviews, Taylor Swift has endured two high profile breakups and a string of increasingly ugly celebrity feuds.

For the past several months, she’s kept a low profile, spacing out her social media posts and refusing to acknowledge the petty shade thrown by her detractors.

When we first learned that Taylor had new music on the way – and that she planned to address her haters in song form – the anticipation from fans couldn’t have been much higher.

Unfortunately, while the single released last night delivered on the expected drama, it also met with mostly negative reactions from both actual music critics and the self-appointed variety who love to sound off on Twitter.

Taylor has become an easy target over the past year, and we all know how much the angry social media hordes love to dogpile celebs struggling with public image crises, but in this case, the attackers have a point.

Not only is “Look What You Made Me Do” lazy and uninspired (We wish we were joking when we say portions of the melody were lifted from Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy”.), it sends a troubling message about the importance of staying angry and settling old scores at any cost.

With lyrics like “I got mine, but you’ll all get yours” sounding like they were ripped from the manifesto of a disgruntled postal worker with an NRA membership, the song is an impassioned ode to the power of poisonous grudges.

“I got a list of names and yours is in red, underlined,” Taylor sing-threatens at one point, giving us a taste of what Arya Stark would sound like if she developed a taste for awkward rhyme schemes.

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