Tayshia Adams Defends “Phenomenal” Bachelorette Contestants After Taking Over for Clare Crawley

“Everyone is kind of like—well, not everyone—but I’ve talked to a few people and they’re like the guys are OK,” she shares. “And I’m just like, ‘First of all, rude. Second of all, you haven’t seen them yet.’ Just wait because you will see different sides of them.”

The hostesses agree with Tayshia’s comments about the guys’ lack of screen time, with Becca describing it as “the Clare and Dale show.” 

“I feel like when you walked in, you were like, “Hi, I’m Tayshia,’ and every guy was like, ‘Hi, I’m so and so, so and so,” Becca says. “I’m like who is this guy? Like is he new here? I had no idea.”

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