Tayshia Adams Officially Replaced Clare Crawley on The Bachelorette: Everything to Know About Her

Tayshia, Tayshia, Tayshia!

It’s a name that Bachelor Nation officially has on the tip of their tongues because 30-year-old phlebotomist (yep, it’s a thing) Tayshia Adams has now replaced Clare Crawley as the season 16 star of The Bachelorette. Following months of anticipation and the many times that Chris Harrison called this season “explosive,” Clare waved goodbye to her lineup of men and walked off engaged to Dale Moss during the Thursday, Nov. 5 episode.

As Clare and Dale rode off into the sunset, Chris broke the news to the remaining men that their journey would not be ending then and there. Tayshia then pulled up in a limo, where she was greeted by Chris. 

Was Tayshia concerned about blindsiding Clare’s former suitors? “I just know that this process moves very quickly, and you start to invest a lot of feelings really early on,” she explained. “I don’t know if that’s the case for some of them, and if so, I am more than happy to have that conversation with them if they don’t feel like this is the right time for them, or I’m not right for them.” 

Understandably so, the guys’ walls were up as they braced for her entrance. The episode wrapped

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