Terry Bradshaw Gets the Best 72nd Birthday Presents Ever on The Bradshaw Bunch

Going out with a bang.

Tonight’s all-new, back-to-back episodes of The Bradshaw Bunch doubled as the E! show’s season finale, and lucky for former NFL star and family man Terry Bradshaw, everything came full circle—and on his birthday, no less!

As viewers may recall, Terry’s been on a mission since the season premiere to solve “three problems,” which correlate to each of his three daughters, Erin, Lacey and Rachel

Terry’s problem with Erin—her refusal to admit she got a boob job—was arguably the easiest to solve (even though he went about doing so by going to the extraordinary length of throwing a pool party mid-winter) and Erin eventually came clean. 

With Lacey, Terry wanted her, her husband Noah and their two kids who live all the way in Hawaii, to move to Texas. 

It seemed like a long shot, especially since 7-year-old Zurie‘s newfound love of equestrianism wasn’t even enough to get Noah fully on board. 

However, all of that changed tonight.

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