Texas Lawmakers Plan to Remove Hemp from List of Controlled Substances

Amid a record-setting number of cannabis bill proposals being considered by the state’s lawmakers, Texas’ Department of State Health Services has announced that it will be removing hemp from its list of Schedule I drugs on Friday. Schedule I drugs are defined as substances with high potential for abuse and no medical use.

Texas’ marijuana movement has accelerated this year, seeing a flurry of activity on fronts from hemp rescheduling to decriminalization bills. Last week, decriminalization proposal HB 63 made it out of the House’s Criminal Jurisprudence Committee. On Monday, six bills that take a look at lightening penalties for marijuana possession are due to receive a public hearing in House committees.

Four other bills were also set to be considered on Monday that related to the regulation, licensing, and production of hemp products, and there is even a bill that is set for public hearing that relates to changing “marihuana” to “cannabis” when being referred to in state code. Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy has counted over 60 cannabis bills that have been introduced by the state’s lawmakers this year.

Department of Health Services commissioner John Hellerstedt announced on Monday that he had made an amendment to the state’s

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