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Every American sports city is unique, but at times it seems like Miami takes the cake.

The city on Biscayne Bay has a reputation for fickle fans, fairly or unfairly, and it seems at times like a college football team is the only one that truly represents the city and its attitude toward the rest of the world. (There was that one period with the Heat, though.)

Three stories in today’s installment of our 2017 countdown are at least partly based in Miami. The next time a person tells you about the reputation surrounding Miami’s sports fans, keep these stories in mind. Some things are relatively easily explained.

5:  Giancarlo Stanton Chases 60

Since testing and widespread public shaming for the entire sport of baseball brought an end to the Steroid Era, Major League Baseball had not seen anybody seriously threaten 60 home runs in a season.

The milestone has gone back to the rare feat it had been before miracles of modern medicine allowed certain players to receive a free pass to a level we hadn’t seen prior. For many, Roger Maris’ 61 homers in 1961 once again assumed its spot as the ostensible MLB record for long balls in the course of one season.

That made Giancarlo Stanton’s season this past year stand out and capture baseball’s imagination a bit. No, the celebration of Stanton’s prolific power never came close to rivaling the 1998 home run chase sensation, but it put the Miami Marlins on the tip of baseball’s tongue for a September when they were effectively irrelevant.

At the end of August, it was mathematically possible (granted, only barely) to imagine Stanton actually threatening 70. That would have required tying the MLB record