Our year-end review of 2017 continues with some stories about teams in transition

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The word “transition” can be big in the sports world.  There are a lot of reasons an organization can find itself in such a situation.

Transition is rarely boring.  Teams spend that time rebuilding, finding new people to put in charge, and preparing for their future.

As our year-end review continues, we look at a number of Florida sports stories that revolve around teams and college programs in various stages of transition.

9:  Jeter, Actual Rich People Buy Marlins

Derek Jeter is not the principal owner of the Miami Marlins.  There are houses in Tampa worth more than his share of the team.

Jeter’s share of the Marlins, however, is often irrelevant.  One of baseball’s most storied living figures, Derek Jeter is now the face of the Miami Marlins.  In buying into the team, he joins sports legends such as Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, and Phil Esposito in the “never have to attend an Old Timer’s Game”  club.

The sale of the Marlins was about as complicated as the involvement of the Miami Marlins would suggest.  Offers were made, tentative deals were reached, groups came and went, and the smoke eventually cleared with Jeter and a group around him buying the team.

Political figures involved themselves in the bidding.  Names like Bush and Romney showed up in the discussion.  Throughout the process, speculation was largely negative.

Marlins fans, and baseball fans in general expected a new ownership group to likely gut the existing team, building a new one without Giancarlo Stanton’s enormous contract.  Yet just a few weeks into this new era of Marlins baseball, what was expected to be a tough stretch has become so much tougher.

Miami’s ballclub will start from