The Bachelor's Queen Victoria Emerges As the Villain We All Need (To Distract Us) Right Now

How Matt James Will Handle “Bachelor” Catfights & More

Somehow, we’re only on episode two of The Bachelor

Last week’s premiere was somehow only last week while it felt like it might have aired three years ago, which means it took a minute to get back into things as tonight’s episode began. Then, “Queen Victoria” woke up and chose violence, as the kids say, and her antics pulled us right back into the fray. Contestants like Victoria make it a whole lot easier to use The Bachelor as a distraction from literally everything else going on right now, so thank you, Victoria. We needed your particular brand of wacky tonight. 

It all started when Victoria did not get picked to go on a one-on-one. While Bri and Matt rode around in the mud, the other girls were gathered together to talk about how they wished they were on the date but they could still be happy for Bri. Victoria simply could not be happy for Bri and just simply wanted to be on the date instead of her, and she had to announce that out loud.

The other women suggested that maybe, on day one,

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