The internet was buzzing Tuesday with material about former NFL and Oregon coach Chip Kelly. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

The Back Nine comes at you a day late, because of the Gator basketball opener which was the first time I’ve seen the Gators win in person at anything in awhile (I’m 0-1 in volleyball).

10. So let’s start with all of the Chipmania. There are three reasons why it makes no sense to hire Chip Kelly and one big reason why we could still see it happen. First, there’s his NCAA baggage, which goes against everything the previous AD stood for. Second, there are his public proclamations that he preferred the NFL to college because you drafted instead of recruited — which I get — but it is a bit of a red flag. Third, there is his reputation as being kind of a know-it-all who is tough to deal with both in college and the NFL. Florida just fired a coach because he didn’t fit in so that would be a concern. The reason it could happen — it would scare the living daylights out of the rest of the SEC if Florida brought in a coach with his offensive pedigree. It’s a risk/reward thing with Kelly.

11. Whatever ends up happening, it feels like the SEC East is going to be really interesting in the years to come. The knock on the division has been that the better coaches have been in the West and as long as Nick Saban is over there that’s not going to change. It would be hard to believe that Tennessee is going to strike out again and have to settle for a Butch Jones-type of coach. As it stands now, the East is a miserable 2-10 against the West with two games to

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