Monday, November 28, 2016 at 8:52 a.m.

photo by Michele Eve Sandberg

In honor of the holiday season, we’ve decided to take a look which five players in South Florida are the best bargain. Teams are like you: They aren’t above fishing something out of the scratch-and-dent bin in hopes of finding something that works well at a fraction of its retail price.

Each franchise has a gem that is paying huge dividends at a minuscule price this year. You need a few steals to get under the salary cap and compete for a championship. These are the best ones on each South Florida team.

Miami Dolphins: Jarvis Landry, average salary $868,728

How do we know Jarvis Landry is a good bargain? He’s breaking records for most catches through the first two seasons of a career, but Matt Moore, the backup quarterback, makes more than him. Either that’s a pretty solid deal or Matt Moore is being way overpaid to hold a clipboard on the sidelines. Wait — those are both true. Anyway, Landry is the 21st-highest-paid player on the Dolphins because he was drafted in the second round last season. For once, the Dolphins are getting above value on a player’s contract. It’s about time. 

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Miami Heat: Justise Winslow, 2016 base salary $2,593,440

Justise Winslow is a 20-year-old kid, so we’re pretty sure he’s just fine with being a $2.5 million “bargain” for the Miami Heat, but in an NBA where unknowns are getting $25-million-dollar contracts, the Miami Heat are far happier than he is about the arrangement. Winslow is the 11th-highest-paid player on a team that only has 15 guys on the roster. He starts and is pretty much a lock to be a huge part

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