Botanist Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Spring Hill

10520 Spring Hill Dr
Spring Hill, FL 34608

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Wednesday: 11am – 7pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Accepted
ATM Available

Dispensary – Open

The Botanist dispensary is now open at 10520 Spring Hill Dr in Spring Hill, FL 34608 to help medical cannabis patients get relief through a range of medical marijuana products. This Botanist cannabis store is here to service Port Richey, Brooksville, Floral City and all of Pasco and Hernando County in general.

The Botanist dispensary menu products in Spring Hill include low-THC, high-CBD cannabis and full-strength medical marijuana. The list of products in stock will include a variety of smokable flower, vaporizers, capsules, concentrates, THC oils, and CBD oils. 

If you have a qualifying condition, you may be eligible to get certified for your FL med marijuana card from a participating doctor near you.


Spring Hill – Home delivery of The Botanist medical cannabis products delivered right to your front door in Hernando and Pasco County will be available as they get moving in Florida.

The Botanist Low-THC High CBD products will be available for patients who need non-euphoric care. See if you qualify today.

Botanist - Florida

What People Are Saying

Greg Moore
Greg M.
14:50 24 Jun 20
Service and staff were very nice and helpful , but unfortunately, that is where the wheels came off. The flower is dry ,crunchy, and way too powdery when ground up . I believe that is because it isn't sold in hermetically sealed containers. It only has a little paper seal at one corner. Until they fix that they are gonna keep having that same problem. The difference between good flower and bad flower is in the cure, and if you don't properly seal the container then it just keeps curing out. You could tell some of it was pretty nice at one point ,but I also got lots of tiny little buds and shake too. I wouldn't recommend this place at all. It just isn't worth the money. Too bad really. I'll try again in a few months I guess. Staff is nice and it's close but I'm not buying bad flowers. Fix the containers and y'all's bud won't dry out so bad. 2/10 I would rather smoke the money I paid you. Not trying to be mean, just saying don't sell me dry flower and shake. Throw that stuff away and start more
JessicaMarie Thompson
JessicaMarie T.
14:52 14 Jun 20
The Botanist is a beautiful set up. Very efficient check in process. The staff is amazing! Very happy and helpful. This will be a place I will purchase from more often! The product is beautiful and is of high quality but the ONLY negative thing I have to say is the buds are extremely dry and brittle. I'm so glad The Botanist is so convenient for me!read more
Lee Siebert
Lee S.
15:16 13 Jun 20
Best and most friendly customer service in the industry. I like the fact that they are exclusively flower. Their flower potency is Bar None the best in Florida! And they have a variety of strains that are not commonplace in the market. But, the best part is is they really know how to properly dry and cure flower. Most other Florida dispensaries sell wet flower. You can go to another dispensary buy an ounce leave it out overnight and end up losing up to 6 grams. Anyone who says their flower is too dry doesn't know what proper curing and drying is all more
Dynamic Dizine
Dynamic D.
16:37 11 Jun 20
Lots of problems , very bad product , quite expensive. Got 5 units all worse then the next. Told them , gave me a limited discount for specifically 25% off 2 units....... Was surprised and disappointed.Thought it would at least apply to the amount purchased. But no sadly. So shop at your own risk, Shouldn't be any risk involved with buying medicine..... Jason is nice , place is clean. Quality is some of the worst I've had an most expensive I've paid. Been twice , regretted both times. Was hoping for a nice disp. Good prices, quality flower , put patients first an be close by. But there just close more
Sucka_repellant_81 Draco
Sucka_repellant_81 D.
21:17 03 Jun 20
The best I’ve seen in a while roasted garlic Marty Sunday gelato 🍧 etc this was a great find
Pierce G
Pierce G
23:45 07 May 20
Just went here for my second time and I love this place, very fast in-and-out experience, and some of the highest quality flower I've come across in the state. Absolutely worth the drive and will be more
Douglas Boyer
Douglas B.
16:44 30 Apr 20
Beautiful store and a wonderful staff. I’m a flower guy and I do appreciate the discounts you recently started. However the last few times I went the premium 45/8 product was from last September and were smaller than popcorn buds. Needless to say a harsh fast burning smoke is what you expect off the street but not in a premium boutique.. I know you’re new in town and I hope you’re flower gets right 😉read more
Tim Heal
Tim H.
20:04 22 Apr 20
Very clean place. Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Can’t wait till they get everything as far as concentrates etc. definitely more
Karen Governale
Karen G.
20:13 15 Apr 20
I have been here a few times and I am very impressed. By far the best dispensary in the Tampa Bay area! Very clean, beautifully decorated, and very QUICK and organized. They only sell flower BUT that is all I buy and all of the flower they sell is high THC! My last visit I was in and out in less than 10 minutes! That is a record for me. I will definitely keep coming back more
Brooks Anderson
Brooks A.
16:30 15 Apr 20
So far they have some of the best flower that I have the pleasure of consuming. Compared to what i am used to (i.e. TL, LHS, MUV) their percentages definitely reflect the affects. Very excited to try new more
Belkys Belkys
Belkys B.
16:30 15 Apr 20
All I have to say is “WOW” I have tried orange dream machine and Sunday mints “nothing can compare Best flower” from check in to the patient tenders best experience. Blows other dispensary’s out of water in my opinion. Thank you Botanist Springhill 😉read more
Ben Nelson
Ben N.
12:05 12 Mar 20
Nice display but I wasnt sold what was in the display. People working there are not patients and have no knowledge of what their selling. Total waste of my more
Belkys Belkys
Belkys B.
13:19 11 Mar 20
All I have to say is “WOW” I have tried orange dream machine and Sunday mints “nothing can compare Best flower” from check in to the patient tenders best experience. Blows other dispensary’s out of water in my opinion. Thank you Botanist Springhill 😉read more
Anonymous M
Anonymous M
00:51 11 Mar 20
Fantastic dispensary I tried the sundae mints and swamp valley kush both are cured and trimmed to perfection . Staff was friendly and knowledgable. Love being able to view the product and it’s profile before purchasing . Will most definitely be back. Huge step up in the cannabis industry .read more
Heather Mascorro
Heather M.
23:28 10 Mar 20
The Botanist offers a good variety of flower. It had a nice and calming atmosphere. Just waiting for veteran discount now!read more
Eric Name
Eric N.
17:41 10 Mar 20
Awesome! We have been waiting a long time up here in Hernando for a dispensary (sorry surterra you don't count no one likes you) and they're finally here. Went in yesterday on opening day and the place was gorgeous. Very zen decor, very relaxing, cool product displays and information. Right now they only sell flower and they have five strains. I'm sure though that as they grow and are able to get bigger harvests they'll expand to concentrates and carts. At least I hope. I've tried the Gelato sundae so far and it was very good. Of course being the first day the staff was on point but everyone seemed very friendly. This though is how dispensaries should look and operate. If you've been to trulieve you understand. Trulieve looks and operates like some kind of shady pain pill clinic. Ugly waiting rooms with dirty chairs packed with people, a security guard with a gun, rude uneducated staff, terrible inventory, on and on and on. We need a lot less of that and a lot more of this. Good job on the launch guys I'll be back more
brz lover
brz L.
04:21 10 Mar 20
Best dispensary in Florida! Hands down!Great customer service. Highly recommend over Trulieve and Müv for flower. Hope this place gets concentrates soon!read more
Joe A
Joe A
23:09 09 Mar 20
Such an amazing experience! I’m so happy these guys are here in Spring Hill. They were extremely friendly and the staff was phenomenal and knowledgeable. Jason was the one who took care of me and was wonderful. I will definitely be coming back VERY soon. I can’t wait to try the product once I get home!read more
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