The Cast of MTV's The Challenge: Double Agents Is Here: Meet the 30 Players Competing in Season 36

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Not even arctic temperatures will stop reality TV contestants from competing for $1 million.

MTV announced on Thursday, Nov. 12 that The Challenge is returning for season 36 on Wednesday, Dec. 9. Called The Challenge: Double Agents, the new season features 30 veteran and rookie contestants as they return to the partner format and compete across 19 new episodes—all of which were shot in Iceland. Anyone have a spare blanket?

According to MTV, the cast “are forced to outsmart each other in a game of secrets, spies and lies” for the sweet, sweet cash prize. While the cast of veterans is stacked with contestants who have played up to 17 times before (hello, CT), it’s the rookies we’re keeping an especially close eye on.

The newbies include Survivor winner Natalie Anderson plus Big Brother‘s Amber Borzotra, America’s Got Talent‘s Joseph Allen, Love Island and Celebrity Big Brother U.K.’s Gabby Allen and U.S. Olympian Lolo Jones

Ahead of the premiere, MTV will kick things off with The Challenge: Double Agents Declassified, a sneak peek event in which fans will learn more about the cast. The special airs Monday,

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