The Facts Are In: Florida Must Remain Committed to Quality Care

They say numbers can tell a story. Inspired to find out what exactly they show, Florida Health Care Association decided to take stock of our state’s level of quality care at long-term care centers. The result? Consistent improvement for Florida’s vulnerable aging population, thanks to dedicated caregivers and smart funding decisions by our state’s lawmakers. 

Through a comprehensive study of state-by-state data, the Quality Care Report assesses improvements being made by long-term care centers in Florida, highlighting progress and pinpointing where further development is warranted. What we found was that quality care in Florida is good – and on the rise.

From 2014 to 2018, Florida jumped from 16th in the nation into the Top Ten in overall quality, currently earning its ranking as 7th best in the four national indicators used by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to assess states’ overall quality care performance. 

In the same four-year span, Florida saw double-digit jumps in progress, improving by an average of 3.8 ranking positions on the 35 indicators for which trend data is available. These increases include a 20-position improvement in the use of physical restraints among long-stay residents, a 17-position improvement in the use of antipsychotic

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