The First Trailer For Leslie Jones' Supermarket Sweep Feels Like a Warm Hug

There’s something about Leslie Jones‘ comedic timing that makes you feel appreciated, like someone looked you dead in the eyes and said, ‘You’re doing amazing, sweetie.’

On Tuesday, Sept. 29, ABC released the first trailer for its Supermarket Sweep revival and it’s awash with candy-colored grocery store aisles and delighted contestants eager to take home a $100,000 cash prize (the highest in the show’s history). Fun and campy, glimpses of the show make it seem fitting for everyone from toddlers with a ‘tude to that uncle that’s been asleep by nine all throughout quarantine.

While the silliness of watching grown adults dash through a grocery store is entertaining on its own, the trailer also hints at just how magical Jones is as host. In it, Jones declares “it’s game time, baby!” while energetically riffing with contestants who are just as obsessed with her as we are. She jokes, “If you are a fan of people running around like they possessed, you are in the right place!”

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