The flaw in Jeffrey Lurie's thinking on Eagles QBs Carson Wentz, Jalen Hurts

6:00 AM ET

PHILADELPHIA — The term Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie kept coming back to when talking about quarterbacks Carson Wentz and Jalen Hurts Monday was “assets.”

It was one of the descriptors he used for Wentz when asked if the 2016 No. 2 overall pick would remain on the roster in 2021 — Lurie said it wasn’t his decision to make — and it’s how he framed the QB situation when giving an argument for why Philadelphia would be a desirable spot to be a head coach.

“We’ve got two really interesting assets. They are both young. They are both hungry. They are terrific people, very different and terrific people,” Lurie said during a videoconference to discuss the firing of Super Bowl-winning coach Doug Pederson. “A coach is going to have options. A coach is going to have an ability to fix what he feels is necessary in our offense and have a potential star in Carson and a potential star in Jalen. That gives us an asset, also, so that if we end up deciding on one some day, the other is a really good asset.”

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