Mike White wants his team to get mad. He wants his players to destroy a locker room after a loss or scream in practice when they lose a drill. But with the Gators set to play their first NCAA Tournament game Thursday, he knows that’s unlikely.

“Last year’s team coming off a loss would be pissed off,” he said. “This team doesn’t get really upset. I wish we would.”

As one reporter pointed out, the time for players to get upset is running out. The time for aggression is now. The Gators will face St. Bonaventure — a 65-58 winner over UCLA in Tuesday’s play-in game — which puts them at a disadvantage. White and his staff won’t know whom to focus their scouting on until then.

“I would rather know who we’re playing and be able to spend four days prepping for that team,” he said.

But he’s trying to use the situation to his advantage. He said his players will watch the First Four game as a group to learn as much as they can.

He’s hoping that with the potential of their season ending, his players will be really engaged and respond with some emotion, unlike in the Southeastern Conference Tournament against Arkansas. But he’s also as unsure about his team as pretty much everyone else.

Perhaps he said it best when he noted that Florida’s fluctuating defensive success makes it sometimes look like an NIT team and sometimes like a top-10 team.

“To defend the way we did the other night was very discouraging,” he said, “but maybe we’ve got another positive chapter in us.”


Florida’s baseball team swept one series this past week and got swept in another.

They were handed a midweek home-and-home sweep courtesy of UCF, which had no problem handling Florida’s