Anyone who lives near or on the ocean knows the risk of doing so. Those who take the risk, know what it is to look at the beautiful, sparkling clean water of the tropics. From Key West to Key Largo represents the furthest south of the United States, some 100 miles strung together with many island chains, represent perhaps the most beautiful part of the United States.

Those who fish in salt water claim it to have some of the greatest species of salt water fish literally found anywhere. Glimmering 2-5 ft. flats represent a flyrodders dream for bonefish, tarpon, trout and permit. With the continental shelf some 3 miles off shore, game fish such as blue marlin, white marlin, swordfish, tuna, dolphin, and wahoo literally provide world class fishing. The Florida Keys is beautiful. It is a friendly, laid back place that was vividly written about by Hemmingway and many of the world’s top anglers. It is on the bucket list of every fishermen but also available is the world class diving and snorkeling as well as all of the watersports such as sailboarding and kayaking. Compared to many parts of world, the Keys offers the best of the best of anywhere while not being subjected to terrorism in a foreign place or subjected to so many corrupt governments to take residence.

The Florida Keys did not have as great of a disaster as what you might have read or seen on the news, we all know that if it bleeds, it leads. It goes without saying, that if you lost everything you own including your house, it couldn’t get any worse. The truth however is that there were many parts of the Keys that were not terribly affected. At an eyeball, I would say about 35 percent of

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