This week on The Florida Roundup 

The Trump Administration’s efforts to get voter data runs into lawsuits, but much of what the White House wants already is publicly available in Florida. Where’s the line between ensuring the security of voting and voters’ privacy?

Sergio Bustos from Politico and Dara Kam from News Service of Florida go into Florida’s history of asking for voter data. 

A lawsuit to stop using Naled in the fight against mosquitoes is thrown out of court. But it doesn’t stop the effort to keep the chemical out of the skies in the effort to ward off the threat of the bugs, especially the ones that may carry the Zika virus.

WLRN’s Kate Stein and Director of Mosquito Control for Broward County Ahn Ton talk about Naled’s effects on South Florida. 

No air conditioning, no windows, no running water and no freedom — the conditions behind bars at some Florida state prisons.

Julie Brown of The Miami Herald talks about her investigation into Florida’s prison system, and whether there’s hope for reform.

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