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The end of the season

The Miami Heat’s season closed on a whimper.

Just like the majority of its first-round playoff series, the Heat fought valiantly with the Philadelphia 76ers in the first half in Game 5 on Tuesday before going quietly into the night in the third quarter.

Final score from the Wells Fargo Center: Philadelphia 104, Miami 91.

Now that the game, the series and the season are in the rearview mirror (even if the sting is still felt in the present), the questions and decisions of a long offseason will now move to the forefront.

Will Dwyane Wade retire? The 36-year-old and the face of the Miami Heat franchise for oh so long just finished his 15th season in the league and very well could have finished out his farewell tour in Miami after being away for a year-and-a-half. That decision will come in due time, he says. And when he makes a decision one way or the other this summer, he’ll be figuring it out on the golf course with teammate and friend Udonis Haslem.

Will this Hassan Whiteside fiasco ever be resolved? The Heat’s $98 million center played just 77 minutes in the five-game series and recorded just 26 points, 30 rebounds and six blocks. He once again vented about his frustrations about lack of playing time. An offseason meeting with the higher-ups seems imminent.

Is a roster shakeup in the works? The Heat invested $153 million in long-term deals for James Johnson, Dion Waiters and Josh Richardson (along with $50 million for Kelly Olynyk), with the hope that last year’s 30-11 finish would be