Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler team up to play parents Scott and Kate Johansen who will do anything to put their daughter, Alex (Ryan Simpkins), through college in the comedy The House.

Scott and Kate are ecstatic when Alex learns she’s been accepted to the prestigious college of her choice. While the price tag for Alex to attend is steep, the family is lucky to have had Alex selected to receive their local town’s scholarship award, which will fund her tuition. Unfortunately, city councillor and local jerk, Bob (Nick Kroll), has other plans in mind and cancels the scholarship in vote of building a town pool and recreational area.

Scott and Kate do their best to play by the rules to obtain the tuition money — they ask to take out a loan, ask for a raise, try to find new work — but it seems playing nice and legal is getting them nowhere. Luckily, their best friend, Frank (Jason Mantzoukas), is a gambling fiend looking to get his house back from foreclosure and get his wife back from an impending divorce.

Knowing the ins and outs of casino life, Frank cooks up a scheme to open a casino in his large house and invite all the neighbors to try to cash in (or out, depending on their luck) in the hopes of raising the money they need to send Alex to school and get his house back. He asks Scott and Kate to take a gamble on his idea, and they eventually agree. Cue the high-roller game tables, pool parties and the ever-popular Fight Night, and the group is all in! Of course, running an illegal operation has its setbacks and the trio learn that the hard way when their casino gains the attention of councillor Bob and a few

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