The University of West Florida arrived in Kansas City, Kan. on Thursday morning. Watch as UWF head coach Pete Shinnick, quarterback Mike Beaudry and linebacker Reggie Barnes preview Saturday’s game against Texas A&M Commerce. Wochit

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University of West Florida President Dr. Judy Bense checks out the coin toss Saturday during the UWF football team’s scrimmage at Blue Wahoos Stadium.(Photo: John Blackie/[email protected])Buy Photo


A day before this school’s first-ever intrasquad football scrimmage in 2015, University of West Florida athletic director Dave Scott got a frantic phone call.

“We only have one goal post to set up? Can we just play with one?”

Uh oh.

From a search through a dark storage area, underneath piles of other stuff, the parts for the second temporary goal post were found.

The scrimmage on Sept. 12, 2015 went on as planned, albeit on the best remaining part of a well-worn, grass intramural field in the valley below the UWF Field House.

The two temporary goal posts were part of a scene that included UWF fraternities bringing sofas and signs. There were hundreds of fans in lawn chairs, folding chairs and blankets to watch a 90 minute scrimmage of unknown players. 

That is how it all started with UWF football.

“To use a baseball metaphor, it made me realize that we were on second base with football,” said former UWF president Judy Bense, who attended that day and posed with players for memorable photos after the scrimmage ended.

“And then I saw everybody show up with their lawn chairs and their coolers and I saw people there that I had not seen before. Everybody from VIPs to just ordinary folks in Pensacola. 

“And then there were all the students.

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