TALLAHASSEE — The Latest on Election Day as voters head to the polls in Florida (all times local):

5:23 p.m.

Darren Windroff, 40-year-old entrepreneur in the Orlando area, says he floats somewhere between being conservative and in the middle.

In the past he has voted for Al Gore, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. After eight years of President Barack Obama, he may have wanted to vote Republican this time around but couldn’t bring himself to support Donald Trump.

So Windroff cast his vote Tuesday for Hillary Clinton.

“I feel strongly about it,” Windroff said. “It’s been a challenging voting process and I’ve been really disappointed in it. I would say I’m a conservative or in the middle. But I would say I’m disappointed the Republicans don’t have a better candidate. I feel the party is terribly organized and it’s a shame.”

Windroff also says he believes Clinton has the background and experience to be a successful President.

“There are some things I don’t like about her, as well. I think she cuts the rules sometimes and I think she is very scripted but I can understand why she is,” he said.


4:08 p.m.

Authorities say a woman campaigning for Donald Trump outside a South Florida polling place pepper-sprayed a Hillary Clinton voter during a confrontation.

Jupiter police Sgt. Bradley Vince says officers responded to the center Tuesday morning following multiple 911 calls. Police say 52-year-old Tom Garrecht and 58-year-old Donna Tatlici had exchanged words as Garrecht went in to vote, and the argument continued as he left.

Statements from Garrecht, Tatlici and witnesses conflicted. Tatlici says she sprayed Garrecht because she was afraid of him. At some point, the woman was knocked to the ground, but it wasn’t clear if Garrecht was purposefully attacking her or flailing around after

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