The MLB bets we would make in 2019

9:00 AM ET

The start of baseball season means it’s time for predictions, but we asked our writers to take it a step further heading into Opening Day. The assignment was simple: Find two bets you would make for the 2019 MLB season, with one sure thing you are positive will happen and a long shot you think could pay off in a big way this year. Here’s what our baseball experts are feeling good about coming true.

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Sure things you can bank on

Orioles under 59.5 wins

They have 38 games against two of baseball’s superpowers, the Red Sox and the Yankees, and the Rays could win 90-plus games, as well. As the Orioles begin the process of rebuilding, they’ve done almost nothing to upgrade the lineup — what’s the point, after all — so why would they be 13 wins better than the 47-win team of 2018? A lock. — Buster Olney

World Series, season win totals and player props — there are more ways than ever to bet baseball. Here are our nine best futures bets for this season.

There are always over-under win-total bets worth

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