The most exciting teams, players and themes of the 2019 MLB season

8:00 AM ET

Contrary to what you might have heard, baseball is not dying. Baseball is well and wealthy and still extremely popular. It’s not perfect — there are too many strikeouts, and the pace of play has slowed, and these bad rebuilding teams don’t exactly inspire enthusiasm from their fan bases — but it’s still the best sport we have.

Most importantly, the level of talent is better than ever. The young players are better than ever. The pitchers are better than ever. As I heard National League MVP Christian Yelich say this offseason, the pitching is so good now that “every hit feels like a miracle.” After a controversial offseason, this feels like the most anticipated Opening Day in years. Finally, we’ll get to talk about games, results and action instead of contracts and free agents. Here are a few reasons I’m excited for the 2019 season to kick off. …

Most exciting dudes in new uniforms

Bryce Harper, Philadelphia Phillies: Is Harper overrated? Sure, at least based on his 2018 season. Will all eyes be on Harper after he signed his 13-year, $330 million contract? Absolutely. As my colleague Sam Miller wrote, “The odds are good

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