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Most teams have played at least 16 games so far, or one-tenth of the schedule. It’s early. Heck, players are still wearing ski masks in some parts of the country, and it was so cold and windy Monday night in Philadelphia that Noah Syndergaard had to tie his flowing mane into a ponytail to prevent it from whipping into his face.

So don’t overreact to your team’s start just yet — hot or cold. Things can turn around with one good (or bad) week. It’s worth noting, however, that leaguewide rates tend to stabilize pretty quickly, and so far home runs and runs scored are up from 2018 (so are walks and strikeouts). Through Monday’s games, the MLB average of 1.31 home runs per game would break the 2017 record of 1.26. The average of 4.68 runs per game would be the highest since 2007, even though the leaguewide batting average of .244 would be the lowest since 1972.

April has been rough in Boston and the Bronx. Still, we take a look at what has gone right — and how high the ceiling still could be — as the AL East rivals meet.

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