The Nickelodeon game was goofy — and the most fun NFL broadcast of the year

The Nickelodeon broadcast of the Bears-Saints playoffs game proved to be a necessary balm to a chaotic NFL season. 

10:13 PM ET

I am decades removed from Nickelodeon’s target demographic, and watching the network’s first NFL playoff game Sunday afternoon necessitated a suspension of all snark and sarcasm, but you are about to read words I never imagined typing: The Nick broadcast was a hell of a lot of fun, maybe the best experience I’ve had watching a game this season.


📺: #CHIvsNO on NICK

— New Orleans Saints (@Saints) January 10, 2021

There were so many references I didn’t get. The Saints played the Bears, and we were told Alvin Kamara, who was compared to Alvin of Chipmunk fame for some reason, loves scoring touchdowns as much as someone I’ve never heard of loves orange soda. I had, and have, no idea why players’ heads would occasionally be topped with a giant hamburger. And at one point in the second quarter, something reminded someone of what would happen if Ned Bigby and Billy Loomer got into a weightlifting contest. Again, no clue.

Us to anyone else watching the game on Nick

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