The power of the #YangGang: Andrew Yang tops Progress Florida straw poll

Former tech executive Andrew Yang easily topped his Democratic presidential primary opponents in an online straw poll conducted by Progress Florida.

The survey concluded Tuesday night evening.

Progress Florida’s website shows Yang earning 35 percent of the vote. That’s well ahead of the second place candidate, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. Warren earned just under 20 percent support.

Online polls aren’t considered scientific, as they can be susceptible to one candidate’s supporters spamming the results.

On the other hand, that option was available to supporters of all candidates. And Yang’s showed up, giving him the comfortable win.

But Mark Ferrulo, director of Progress Florida, said the group worked to verify that only votes from Floridians were included.

“Our Presidential Straw Poll was flooded by thousands of votes from across the country but only votes cast by Floridians with valid emails were counted,” Ferrulo said.

“Everyone who voted received a link to check their voter registration status, register to vote online, or register to vote-by-mail in the upcoming real election.”

Still, more scientific surveys are likely better indicators of future performance.

In third place was U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont at 14 percent support.

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