The message begins innocuous enough.

“Hope this week has gone well for you! I do hope you can pull together the support we discussed and join me on (date redacted).”

That’s the beginning of a text message from a Republican state Senator to a respected member of the lobby corps obtained by Florida Politics. The names of those involved have been redacted to protect the source who provided the information.

“Would really mean a lot for you to make it work.”

Wait, what?

“Would really mean a lot for you to make it work.”

No, we don’t think that message has anything to do with sex scandals which have engulfed the Florida Senate. What this message is is an old fashioned trading of campaign donations for, presumably, access.

It’s pay-to-play in its elemental form, so much so that I am surprised the lawmaker put the terms in writing.

There’s a lot of behavior in the Florida Senate which needs to change and it’s not just about the #MeToo movement.

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