‘Thinking about it’: Donna Deegan eyes Congressional run against John Rutherford

Jacksonville broadcast media legend Donna Deegan is voluble by nature, but was terse Friday when asked if she was running for Congress.

“Thinking about it,” Democrat Deegan said about a potential run against entrenched Republican incumbent U.S. Rep. John Rutherford.

Deegan has been “encouraged to run” for the plurality-Republican seat encompassing Nassau, St. Johns, and a gerrymandered chunk of Duval County.

At least one consultant suggests a launch after Veterans Day, which Deegan would not address on the phone. Her path from media to politics has been an interesting one.

Deegan, a Jacksonville native and alumna of Bishop Kenny High School, anchored for First Coast News from 1992 to 2016, showing in that role a penchant for hard news and a willingness to dive into challenging stories.

While anchoring for First Coast News, Deegan faced challenges of her own: Specifically, three bouts of breast cancer.

Indomitably, she overcame all three occurrences, documenting her journey in two memoirs and, in 2008, beginning “26.2 with Donna: the National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer.”

Deegan — a cousin of the ever-loquacious Jacksonville City Councilman Tommy Hazouri — long ago transcended her former role as newscaster.

By the 2018 campaign, Deegan

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