Have they opened Pandora’s box? Some Deerfield Beach city leaders worry that’s what they might’ve done by allowing marijuana dispensaries in the city.

They’re now trying to stop medical dispensaries from clustering citywide by keeping them out of commercial areas that also have homes, as well as setting rules to stop them from opening next to one another.

Mayor Bill Ganz said he doesn’t want the city to become known as the place to buy pot, even if it’s just the medical kind that doesn’t get you high.

“This gives us a little more protection, or at least a way to stop the high concentration of these businesses,” Ganz said of city rules approved Tuesday.

The shops have been slow to appear in South Florida.

Because the medical marijuana business operates in a legal gray area — allowed by the state but against federal rules — it’s a cash-only business.

Map: Licensed medical marijuana physicians near you

Miami has a few shops. Not one has opened in Broward County. Knox Medical, which opened in Lake Worth last month, was Palm Beach County’s first medical marijuana dispensary. It ran out of its product — sold in vaping cartridges and oral oils — on its first day, a spokesman said.

Unlike Deerfield Beach, cities such as Delray Beach, Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale have enacted bans or extended temporary moratoriums to keep away the pot stores.

Based on other cities’ opposition to dispensaries, Deerfield Beach Commissioner Joe Miller is considering whether his city should reverse its decision in August to allow them.

Maybe other cities “were wiser than we were at first,” Miller said.

Miller said he voted in favor of the dispensaries last August, swallowing concerns of

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