This is 40: Florida TaxWatch gears up for Session

At the Hotel Duval on Monroe Street, some of the state’s heaviest hitters convened Wednesday evening to offer support to Florida’s preeminent watchdog group.

The occasion: the annual “State of the Taxpayer Dinner,” put on by Florida TaxWatch in its 40th year.

Don’t expect a midlife crisis for the group in its fifth decade.

Dominic M. Calabro, Florida TaxWatch President and CEO, described the current “state of the taxpayer” as “strong.”

“The Sunshine State and taxpayers of Florida are blessed to have record performance in most areas throughout the state,” he said, noting that’s “not something that happens over one year, but happens over time.”

Despite balanced books, there are issues that need to be solved.

“However, low cost does not a quality state make. It’s one of the considerations, but it’s not the most important one.”

Quality of life issues, such as water quality problems from “years of neglect,” must be solved.

“It’s about get it done,” Calabro said, noting that TaxWatch backs a 10-year commitment to investing $650 million plus for Everglades restoration and water quality.

The Governor’s plan is for four years.

Calabro also discussed some of the

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