This Is Us Offers a New Clue About Randall's Birth Mom

That’s all we know so far about the woman who secretly survived childbirth and for some reason never sought out William or Randall after her near-death, but the Vietnam aspect does make us wonder if she’ll be somehow related to Jack’s time in Vietnam, which was heavily covered in season three. 

Season four was the first season of this show that was focused more on the future than on the past, and it also happened to be the show’s best season. So far, season five is back in the past and we haven’t gotten any flash-forwards just yet, though Fogelman said in an interview with THR that the show is “not backing off of” flash-forwards and a big one is on its way. 

Justin Hartley Reveals He Knows How “This Is Us” Ends

As we wait for more hints of the future, scroll down for everything we know so far. 

Happy 40th Birthday

Randall isn’t present at the family cabin for the Big 3’s 40th birthday in Aug. 2020 because, as Kevin reminds Rebecca, they aren’t speaking to him. We found out why in the season four finale: Kevin and Randall had

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