Law vs. conscience
Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk defying the Supreme Court over same-sex marriage, could learn her fate Thursday. Dean Reynolds reports from the U.S. District Court in Ashland, Kentucky, where Davis faces the threat of jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples because it would violate her conscience.
Migrant crisis
Thousands of migrants who’ve camped in and around a train station in the Hungarian capital for days crowded onto a train Thursday, believing their dreams of reaching the wealthy nations of northern and western Europe could be coming true. As Charlie D’Agata reports, they’re likely headed for another disappointment.
“G.I. Joe”
As the hunt continues for his killers, the community of Fox Lake, Illinois, is still mourning the loss of Police Lt. Joe Gliniewicz, who was gunned down during a foot chase. Fox Lake Mayor Donny Schmit, a close friend of Gliniewicz, tells Anna Werner why he’ll be so sorely missed .
China’s army
Beijing has showed off its military muscle during a spectacular display of its armed forces to mark the 70th anniversary of Japan’s surrender in World War II. But as Seth Doane reports, along with all the bluster came a surprising announcement about the future of China’s enormous army.
Campaign kids
The children of the 2016 presidential candidates are finding new ways to boost their dad’s and mom’s candidacies, and falling back on some of the tried and trusted methods. CBS News’ political team looks at the time-honored tradition of families hitting the campaign trail, and how it has evolved.
School baptism
Administrators are investigating after a church held a mass baptism on the football field of a Georgia public high school. An online video of the event has drawn fire, and Mark Strassmann has the latest on this battle over church, state and sports.
Travel sickness
Germs seem to hang in the recycled air on a plane and everyone has a story about sitting near a person with frightening flu symptoms. But are planes and airports really any germier than other places? And do the germs cause sickness? Bianca Seidman finds out.
Allergy attack
For thousands of allergy sufferers, the start of a new season brings no relief at all. Ragweed is reaching its prime and, if that doesn’t get you, mind the mold. CBS News has some recommendations from an expert to help you ride out the rhinitis.
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