This Video of Jack Black in a Speedo Dancing to “WAP” Will Leave You Speechless in the Best Way

Just when you thought there weren’t enough redeeming parts of 2020, behold: Jack Black dancing to “WAP” in a speedo.

It’s no secret it’s been quite the year, but thankfully the actor has shown up with a video that is guaranteed to make you laugh. Remember Cardi B‘s epic summer hit with Megan Thee Stallion? Well, the Jumanji star has put his own spin on it, complete with a version of the viral “WAP” TikTok dance challenge. 

Donning nothing but an itty bitty red swimsuit, the actor gave it his all as he danced outside while a hose continuously sprayed him with water. The comedy star completely committed to the choreography as he dropped to the floor to pound his fist, thrusted his pelvis and bounced his booty just as the routine requires. The video did not go unnoticed. In fact, it’s amassed more than 1 million likes on Instagram since it was posted on Sunday, Nov. 15. 

“CHALLENGE ACCEPTED,” Black captioned the clip. “[Camera emoji] @taylorstephens Hose water technician @buzz_lightyear_5000.”

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