Three things that don’t go together: Matt Gaetz. Trump Club. Palm Beach Kennel Club

The Palm Beach Kennel Club has become a favored speaking venue for those close to President Donald Trump.

Roger Stone. Sean Spicer. Corey Lewandowski. All come to speak to Trump Club 45 PBC, a group of supporters enthusiastic for the President — and part-time Palm Beacher.

But there’s one Trump ally you won’t find there, despite his calling Florida home — U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz.

The Panhandle Republican and frequent Fox News guest certainly has a following in the halls of Mar-a-Lago and beyond. But he’s apparently persona non grata within the clubhouse thanks to his stance on certain “legislative issues.”

“I don’t know what those issues are but I assume it may have to do with my advocacy for the greyhound amendment overwhelmingly passed by Florida voters,” Gaetz said.

The Congressman last year threw his support behind the Protect Dogs-Yes on 13 campaign. Florida voters ultimately passed Amendment 13 with 69 percent of the vote statewide.

In Palm Beach County, the measure passed with closer to 74 percent.

Gaetz for years followed the line-up of Trump allies visiting Palm Beach. Earlier this month, he jumped at a chance to join the ranks.

Larry Snowden,

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