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Best Cannabis Stocks For 2022 Right Now

Are the top marijuana stocks a buy in January? After several months of declines, most of the best cannabis stocks to invest in have reached new lows in the past couple of months. This is mostly related to the delays with US federal marijuana legalization and reform. Across the world, more nations are creating legal cannabis markets. – MarijuanaStocks

In Italy, officials certified that Italian activists have collected enough signatures to place a marijuana and psilocybin referendum on the country’s ballot. In the US many attempts from the House to push federal cannabis reform were cut short in the Senate. Now to start 2022 many of the top pot stocks have already priced in the possibility of not achieving the end of cannabis prohibition this year. This could mean that top cannabis stocks begin trading on fundamentals like good financials and revenue growth.

Although there have been delays on the federal level in the states the cannabis industry continues to grow rapidly. For the next five years, the US cannabis market is forecast to double in size. As new markets like New York and New Jersey begin to flourish there are

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