Trista Sutter Claims Producers Had “Storylines” for Her Bachelorette Party Guests

But that’s not all. When asked if she felt like her season was highly produced, Trista claimed there was some wedding drama involving a misplaced binder.

“At our wedding, maybe actually it was at our bachelor/bachelorette party, one of the producers left their binder out—like they forgot their binder somewhere,” she said. “And one of the people who was at the bachelor/bachelorette party picked it up and gave it to us. And it had, like, their characters, like the storylines for every person.”

So, what did this alleged information entail? “They had all of our friends who were invited to the bachelor/bachelorette parties,” Trista continued. “They had, you know, all of their bios and, you know, probably some stuff that they interviewed about. And then, I think they had, like, titles, like maybe like the villain or the sweetheart.”

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