Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Boynton Beach, FL

1534 SW 8th St
Boynton Beach, FL 33426

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 9am – 9pm
Sunday: 10am – 8pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available


MMTC Dispensary – Open

Boynton Beach – A Trulieve dispensary located at 1534 SW 8th St to service Palm Beach County medical cannabis card patients is open. Trulieve, the biggest dispensary brand in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for this Boynton Beach store products are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Boynton Beach Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products are available by delivery to your front door in Boynton Beach and throughout Palm Beach County. Order online or call over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients that have been certified by a recommending doctor who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$15 Delivery Fee Statewide. Free delivery to patients 65 years or older and on all orders over $200.

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

22:33 15 Jan 22
Consistency with high quality of service and product, inconsistent inventory..Should be able to order and receive out of stock strains…read more
Peter Guardino
Peter G.
17:25 11 Sep 21
Great 👍 customer service and you don’t wait long at all, for assistance and very easy to find.
DrTweak Fishing
DrTweak F.
15:37 26 Jul 21
I’ve always been faithful to this location, the only reason they are not getting a 5 star from myself is due to lack of inventory. Employees are more than pleasant and helpful in suggesting the proper strains for certain conditions. I only hope they can get their stock sorted more
Denise Flounory
Denise F.
13:57 21 Jul 21
Josh, frank and all of the staff was very friendly and helpful. The deals was amazing and they have a great swag bag. I would highly recommend truelieve. ❤️read more
Eddie Cucalon
Eddie C.
23:19 24 Jun 21
Great place. The manager Frank helped me out with all my questions and concerns about my order and immediately helped me to get what i needed. The workers all seemed very kind and friendly. Definitely a good environment to be in and wonderful energy. Amazing customer more
Lyle Jacobson
Lyle J.
11:11 21 Jun 21
Shout out to Matt L for helping me out and taking the time to answer all my questions. And to make sure I have all my medicine I need be for leaving Trulieve. Also don’t forget to tip your Budtenders. Have a bless day everyone!read more
Fara Kantrowitz
Fara K.
16:05 13 Jun 21
This location is amazing!!!! Every time I go there I am greeted and taken care of, Josh, Ashley, Ted, Mike, Travis!!! They are all so nice and so helpful with whatever I need. They really care about there patients and their needs. I highly recommend this location, they take the extra step to help you. Thanks again for being so amazing I appreciate you and all your staff!read more
Michael Corey
Michael C.
17:07 23 May 21
Great dispensary in PBC. I’ve been to them all and find myself coming back here due to the friendly service and quality product. The product here is really above other places in my opinion. But who am I, just some person leaving a Google review. Will definitely stay a loyal customer here, love the 20% veteran discount too. It’s a bit busy at times but hey, everybody wants to come here 🙂read more
Joyce Herman
Joyce H.
21:44 23 Apr 21
I went to pick up and got so much more than I was hoping for. I feel fortunate that Duane took such amazing care of me. He is sweet and caring and I felt supported just being around him. He was able to explain the different products to me and the pros and cons of each for my specific situation. Thanks so much, Duane!!!read more
Peter Ekstrom
Peter E.
16:42 15 Apr 21
I went a few days ago and a fellow named Mike A. was my salesman. He was great! He knew all of the inventory, helped me find a substitute product for one that had sold out, was knowledgeable on all products plus he was friendly and fast. Fast is good, for many times I come there and it’s a beginner behind the cash register who is lost and so is my time. Mike A. should be a model for all salespeople you employ. I like this Trulieve branch a lot, though I wish it were more consistent in its more
16:50 08 Apr 21
Always knowledgeable helpful and friendly. They have the best prices and specials around. You can return and exchange defective products unlike other more
Aqua Life
Aqua L.
00:02 04 Apr 21
Michael Hayes is what makes me come to this location. He is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. He makes shopping at this location a true pleasure. I cannot emphasize enough the asset he is to this company. He is a true representation of the best service you can receive at more
lea leilani
lea L.
18:45 02 Apr 21
I love this location! Everybody is super friendly and helpful. I placed an order to pick up but they were sold out of what I ordered, and Garret and Tyler helped me find an amazing replacement at the same price!!! That is outstanding customer service; most people wouldn’t go above and beyond to help like that. Thank you guys so much!read more
holly stano
holly S.
22:01 26 Mar 21
I’m going to start off by saying that I never write reviews but I would feel guilty not sharing this information.I had hands-down the best experience I’ve ever had with Vargas at this location. There was no pressure to get in and out and he was so informative and really educated me on what my options were as well as what would work best for needs.I can’t see myself going to any other dispensary and seeing Vargas every time because I know he can help me the best and he has so much information to share, he really cares about his job and loves what he does and it’s so helpful!Thanks again Vargas, I’ll be back!read more
15:29 25 Feb 21
This review doesn’t reflect on the fine customer service at the Boynton Beach location – they are all great. Trulieve is the problem. Don’t bother ordering ahead because the website doesn’t reflect what is actually in stock. I’ve been going to this store once a month since they opened and I have NEVER been given my complete order. This is basic inventory management software that for some reason, Trulieve hasn’t bothered to invest in. There will undoubtedly be a generic “we’re so sorry you had this experience, we strive to blah, blah, blah….” I would accept that if it didn’t happen EVERY time I order. A few months ago, I composed a thoughtful letter to Trulieve expressing my concerns and although I left contact information, I haven’t heard a word from them. Crickets. Trulieve doesn’t care – they are in the business of selling weed to Senior citizens and they figure you’ll continue to come back. After my umpteenth disappointment at Trulieve, I went to FLUENT today. Surprise, surprise…. their inventory matched their website and I was able to purchase what I ordered. Unique concept Trulieve, you might want to try more
Sheila Renee
Sheila R.
23:35 11 Feb 21
Customer service is absolutely incredible…From being checked in the receptionist (sorry I didn’t get your name but you’re incredible and super sweet, thank you) to Julian and Tyler who made my first Trulieve experience Amazing!!! Today Janet went above and beyond to find exactly what I needed/wanted. Super helpful and knowledgeable staff!!I will never shop anywhere else!!! Thank you all so much!!! 💚😎read more
Sea Of Madness
Sea Of M.
19:09 07 Feb 21
What an amazing place!😀 Everybody here is super professional. The process is streamlined done with great efficiency. You can create your order online & pick it up within the hour. Everyone is so friendly & eager to help, suggest & recommend products to fit your needs. So many options, you feel like there’s so many great variations to try. Trulieve also offers many great sales, discount days, unique coupon offers & military discounts for their patrons. They also deliver for $200+ orders or free for 65+ senior citizens. Also if a product is defective Trulieve is a “hassle-free” returns, I didn’t get interrogated as to how much I smoked & they don’t say “we don’t return open products & we’ll do it this time only”.They only offer solutions to my problems, like refunds or replacements. Trulieve employees Truly work hard to retain their customers. Also there’s many dispensary choices but Trulieve really offers the most choices with edibles, flower, oils, concentrates & equipment. You’ll Truly love this more
Jim Saba
Jim S.
07:02 26 Jan 21
Amazing service! I was greeted right at the door with a friendly smile! Mike was there to provide me excellent service. His knowledge on the product was amazing. I will continue to go, because of him. Thanksread more
Kelly Corbin
Kelly C.
14:39 23 Jan 21
The products and entire staff at Trulieve are awesome. If you’re lucky enough to be helped by Vargas you will have an even better experience. He’s so personable and professional. I always walk out so happy I got to see him. I’ve also found the trick to getting in and out quick is by arriving close to opening. Thanks Trulieve! Your gummies are everything🙏🏼read more
Nirvana Buckley
Nirvana B.
14:37 11 Jan 21
Trulieve has a great educational energy named Vargas.I would to take a moment to gives thanks .Vargas gave be a small tutorial on cannabis.Pleasant, informative, respectful and spiritually energeticI am a senior citizen ‘ and I appreciate compassion andKindness. This employee isExcellent.P.buckleyread more
Nirvana Buckley
Nirvana B.
17:20 04 Jan 21
Trulieve has a great educational energy named Vargas.I would to take a moment to gives thanks .Vargas gave be a small tutorial on cannabis.Pleasant, informative, respectful and spiritually energeticI am a senior citizen ‘ and I appreciate compassion andKindness. This employee isExcellent.P.buckleyread more
Ximena Duque
Ximena D.
01:21 23 Dec 20
My first dispensary experience, so I don’t have anything to compare it to….However, I was 100% pleased with Everything. Since I was a 1st time customer thy gave me $75 off! They have a great variety of strains, knowledgeable & helpful staff. I was in and out in 10 minutes and most importantly I am very pleased with the products!read more
Zak Radd
Zak R.
19:16 19 Nov 20
The Boynton Trulieve is great. Everyone there is super nice and helpful. They tend to be pretty busy, but are good about getting the customer in and out quickly. Sophia and Frank helped me last time and were very friendly and more
23:20 17 Nov 20
Trulieve has the highest quality product out of all the dispensaries here in Florida.This location is easy to access and the staff are kind and knowledgeable.Tanya in particular was awesome; she was extremely helpful and was able to answer all of my questions and assist me with my purchase.Would highly more
Ny Greenland
Ny G.
23:27 02 Oct 20
I love coming to this location. No essay needed. Try going to the one on Hillsborough, and you’ll see a GREAT BIG HUGE difference in accountability and professionalism. Trulieve is the best period though. I’ll choose them over the other dispensaries 💖💖read more
Kristy Ramos
Kristy R.
03:31 27 Sep 20
I recently got approved for my medical card and I had never known much of anything about this sort of thing. On my first visit everyone was really nice and they made sure to answer all your questions. I got a walk-through on pretty much every product and I got suggestions for what I needed. The second time I went I had to return one of the first products because it wasn’t working for me. I went and was helped by Patrick and Dillon, they were so great and knowledgeable. Patrick gave me a lot of suggestions for items I was unsure of. I left knowing a lot more than when I came in, Dillon was very efficient and very friendly. I hope to get to more suggestions from them in the future. I would recommend this location to anyone looking for friendly and informative more
Erika Nunez
Erika N.
18:14 19 Sep 20
WAGGS AND RYAN were phenomenal. Check-in process quick and prompt but behind the doors they take the time to educate you and make you understand. So happy my friend recommended me to go more
Enahs Dua
Enahs D.
10:56 16 Sep 20
Awesome strains and first time buyer discounts.
nancie tarnowski
nancie T.
11:00 15 Sep 20
Very busy dispensary. Has edibles!
Breno Laredo
Breno L.
14:02 09 Sep 20
Great products! Fast and attentive service. A huge thank you to Danielle Ward my medtender from last night. She went above and beyond to help me after a long night of helping patients she kept her composure and customer service skills at 200% until the very last patient left the building. You truly have a rockstar on your team !Try the edibles! The chocolate bar had me feeling like willy wonka all night more
Jennifer Piard
Jennifer P.
22:24 07 Sep 20
When you actually get called in, it’s a great customer service experience. You’re in and out and you deal with knowledgeable people. During covid-19, since I don’t know how it is when it operates under normal circumstances, it is a little inconvenient for you to have to wait so long even on days you wouldn’t think it would be busy . But it’s worth it. If you order for a pickup, just go in after you place the order to start waiting in the virtual line. You’ll be waiting for that page forever if you seriously just wait for them to call you in. The people are great to work with it’s a wonderful spot. I could be biased because it’s my first dispensary visit but this is how I would expect all my experiences to be at a more
Gladys Rodriguez
Gladys R.
13:30 02 Sep 20
I went here for my first time once I received my ok to shop. I have really bad depression and anxiety and they gave me Patrick to take care of me and when I tell you he was amazing he was amazing . Very very knowledgeable and helped me with my needs. Thank you more
01:02 30 Aug 20
Smooth ordering and dispensing. Friendly budtenders, good quality medicine. COVID-19 precautions.
Jonathan Jasko
Jonathan J.
14:33 29 Aug 20
First time at Trulieve and couldn’t be happier, Assisted by Patrick he was very knowledgeable, very helpful, friendly and got me the best prices! And explained all the deals..I Recommend coming here!read more
Darin Keyes
Darin K.
15:36 26 Aug 20
First time going to a dispensary in Florida. I chose Trulieve because they seemed to have more flower options than others in the area and had a great first time patient deal. $75 off your order of $150 or more! Definitely the best deal around from what I saw.From my other experiences at dispensary’s like in California or Nevada this was much different than I expected. I checked in at the front, I had to go back in my car to wait as the waiting room seats were filled. It was only about a 5-10 min wait until I was texted to come back in. From there I waited in the waiting room for about 3 minutes until my name was called up.I went up to the man who was directed to help me out explaining to him this was my first time, I wasn’t really sure where to start as they don’t actually have any flower displayed. I asked him what they had and he just named off a bunch of different strains lol… it was like he expected me to know what these names meant or looked like. He also seemed a little frustrated when I asked him to repeat the names again. Of course he only offered me top shelf flower ($45+ an 1/8). I picked a few of the names he listed off, he took out the containers (that you can’t see through). I asked to see them and apparently they’re not allowed to open the containers.So basically you can’t see what you’re buying and are expected to know what you want before you go in. When I said this experience differed from my other experiences at dispensaries this is what I meant as you are usually able to see/smell what you’re about to purchase.I’m glad I know what to expect now going forward here, I will return as the products I received ended up being pretty top more
22:47 22 Aug 20
First time in a medical dispensary and was immediately greeted and told what to do. After, I was walked into the main room. There I was helped by Patrick who was very knowledgeable and helped me tremendously. I ended up walking out with more items and saved money on top of it. Will definitely be making the 30 minute drive out of my way to go to this location because of the professionalism and great customer service! Thanks guys!read more
Marie Ortega
Marie O.
23:02 21 Aug 20
I’ve been to many dispensaries but this is my first time trying out Trulieve. I’m so happy to have checked out with Danielle. I was prescribed medical marijuana but never understood what would really help me. Danielle took the time to explain each product to me, and she even gave me a list of recommended strands for my specific situation. She was the first medtender to really go that extra mile and make me feel like I would finally get the relief I need. Will 100% exclusively shop at Trulieve with Danielle!read more
Lisa McGuire
Lisa M.
15:48 18 Aug 20
Love Trulieve! Staff are extremely friendly and well-informed. Your products are excellent. Your only downfall is your computer system when ordering online and your turnaround time for picking it up. Your customer service wait time when calling and chat are way too long a wait. But for people that want a great product, you’ve got it. You’ve been a blessing for me during this pandemicread more
Debra Skolnik
Debra S.
12:41 10 Aug 20
In all my visits the staff has been really nice from the minute you walk in the door till you walk out. Jessica, Grayson, Brian all were very helpful. I have to say lately when you place an order for pick up it takes way way too long for you to receive a confirmation that your order is ready for pick up you might as well just be a walk inread more
Jake Nadulek
Jake N.
15:02 09 Aug 20
It’s always a pleasure going in to Trulieve. I consistently have had great experiences going in and the staff are kind and professional. Vargas helped me today and his recommendations in the past have been 10/10. I’ll always come back to this location simply from how the staff conducts themselves and treats us patients!read more
Mark Perry
Mark P.
17:27 04 Aug 20
Kevin took the time and explained the pros and cons of each product. Set me up on a CBD and flower regimen. Highly recommendread more
Ian Palmer
Ian P.
19:52 31 Jul 20
Horrific communication. They’ll send you multiple conflicting text messages about when your delivery is coming, more text messages thanking you for rescheduling when you never rescheduled, then when you try to call them, their automated system tells you to use the chat feature on their website and when you do that, the chat reps tell you that they don’t have access to delivery schedules.So, if you like dangling for four days wondering when your delivery is coming, this is the place for youread more
Godzilla Florida
Godzilla F.
13:34 31 Jul 20
This store is so clean. Well managed. I got in and out great service. The staff members who helped me were Karl, Brandon and shaniece. Will come back more
NoticeMeNow Dontcha
NoticeMeNow D.
01:45 28 Jul 20
I’ve been coming here a couple months now and I’ve had a good experience, overall. Today Vanoche M. was my rep and he totally delivered! Had me chill and laughing the whole time. I honestly don’t think you can really go wrong with any rep. What I look for in my experience is customer service and quality…minus the wait time that can sometimes be ugh, i feel that once you get into the showroom you’ll leave with a smile 😃read more
Melissa Ottenstein
Melissa O.
20:15 25 Jul 20
Gisell is phenomenal. I have only been here a couple times and it can be quite overwhelming. Gisell made a point to patiently go through all the different varieties as well as each strain with me to help me understand everything thoroughly. She is such a perfect asset to your more
Richard Fussey
Richard F.
14:43 23 Jul 20
Ordered on the phone and requested delivery from the Boynton Beach location. Order was processed quickly and delivered fast. The product Papaya cake flour was excellent and a fair price I am now awaiting for my second order, taking a little bit long but it’s worth itread more
Victor R
Victor R
22:19 17 Jul 20
The bud and other products are great. BUT the store itself is horrible. The process is highly inefficient. Have waited hours both as a walk in and with pickup orders. Asked for a preroll when picking up online order and made me get back in queue as a walk in and literally argued with me when I said that was pretty ridiculous. Always sold out of products too. New rules every visit. The employees have really bad attitudes. No customer service skills at all. Most seem like the customer is the enemy. Too many stories to tell but have to tell this one. Guy at the front desk today literally blew his top! After waiting an hour went in to ask how much longer and he said to the guy next to him “I’m shaking. Can’t deal with this. I’m about to just leave”. Then when I was in the back he whipped the door open and yelled angrily to another employee “come help me I’ve had it up to here with these people asking me about the wait times, texting them, checking them in”. Fix your store buddy and no one will ask. Anyone in senior management read this? Am a shareholder and patient that spends over $500/month here. Get your operations in order!read more
Marco Jazmin
Marco J.
21:02 10 Jul 20
I love this trulieve location! I went in on 7/10 for concentrate special and Sam was a great help! He knew exactly where everything was and was very informative. 🙂read more
Bailey Weeks
Bailey W.
23:05 06 Jul 20
The boynton beach location is the best I’ve been to and Trulieve has the best buds by far with this bubble gum and that member berry is insane. Everyone who works there is amazing and Pat helps me out every time i need a good recommendation. Thanks Pat and the more
Theresa Best
Theresa B.
18:43 28 Jun 20
Today was great I had a very nice gentleman named Patrick who was so nice, funny, very knowledgeable, and great personality. Normally there is a longer wait due to it being a smaller store, but Shockingly when you think it’s busy it’s not. Definitely one of the best stores we have been more
CJ Alexander
02:54 28 Jun 20
This location is absolutely subpar to all the other Trulieve locations I have been to. Staff is annoying, condescending and rude. ATM was out of order (which is the smallest issue). Pickups were slow to process and pickup. May as well have walked in and would have been quicker. And the fact that COVID is happening can’t even be an excuse because other locations are much better. Horrible experience from start to finish. Usually at other Trulieve locations staff is a pleasure to deal with. Each person that I dealt with at check in, waiting, check out, greeter were complete imbeciles. Quote me on more
Brooke Lewis
Brooke L.
19:55 26 Jun 20
Best customer service of any Trulieve location! Patrick was knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and paid close attention to every detail of my order and applicable discounts. I live 5 minutes from the West Palm location, but I prefer to drive the extra 15 minutes because my experience at Boynton is consistently more
Veronica Fanning
Veronica F.
14:49 16 Jun 20
This trulieve is absolutely amazing! Angela helped me out today and was extremely nice and helpful! They always make sure my order is correct and even look at through all their stock to find me what I needread more
Thomas Colon
Thomas C.
14:45 16 Jun 20
By FAR best dispensary in SOUTH FLORIDA!!!! The staff here is always pleasant and helpful. Danielle is especially helpful! She is extremely knowledgeable on Products and always makes good suggestions based on your needs! With employees like her and the other in Boynton Beach, I don’t see myself going anywhere else!read more
Happy Nasef
Happy N.
14:32 16 Jun 20
I love my experience at my local Trulieve in Boynton Beach. Best customer service with a polite and friendly staff. Danielle Ward went above and beyond to complete my desired order with the approval of upper management. Always carrying the best products in south Florida as well! You can never go wrong with the pure and clean line of their Blue River more
Amy Cochran
Amy C.
17:01 11 Jun 20
Kevin was a great coach in helping me find what I need. Wait was long even though I had ordered online for pickup and the website is not very user friendly but the product is outstanding. Also their covid protocols made me feel very more
P Love
P L.
23:59 08 Jun 20
Just left the Trulieve Boynton Beach location to pick up my medication. I always have a pleasant experience. The staff is always friendly and the security officer Frank goes above and beyond to ensure I am comfortable. Thanks Frank, you are truly a more
Camilo Zea
Camilo Z.
22:01 05 Jun 20
Had a great experience with Patrick today. He was very informative and helped me choose the right products. Always a great experience at this location!read more
ArcticBloke26 .
ArcticBloke26 .
01:39 04 Jun 20
Had a great experience at this location, Manny helped me out and was the first employee to actually check all stock thoroughly for me on what I was looking for. I drove about 30 miles to this location because the closer ones didn’t have what I wanted. Most Trulieve employees would just make an excuse and act like they’re certain there’s nothing more to check or that the stock is out but he actually went ahead and checked properly. Thanks to him the experience was solid and ill make the drive to get the better variety and more
Hernan Borja
Hernan B.
20:30 02 Jun 20
My experience today at the Boynton store was great and extremely informative!! KEVIN really schooled me on the products and the real things to be looking for in terms of the kind of help i was looking for! Guy was good… didnt just sell me on strength of strains and stuff… took the time to listen and provide me with the right medicine… thank you! Was also helped by Wags… super informative and helped me find what i needed, thanks bro!read more
Pamela King
Pamela K.
15:40 28 May 20
I am very pleased with the ease of filling prescriptions at this location. This was the first time visiting and “Waggs” made the experience very comfortable. Thank you for the professional more
Hernan Borja
Hernan B.
15:49 21 May 20
My experience today at the Boynton store was great and extremely informative!! KEVIN really schooled me on the products and the real things to be looking for in terms of the kind of help i was looking for! Guy was good… didnt just sell me on strength of strains and stuff… took the time to listen and provide me with the right medicine… thank you!read more
Lisa Boice
Lisa B.
16:00 04 Apr 20
If I could give negative stars I would!!!! Anytime visiting this site, it’s ALWAYS crowded and unorganized!!! In this time of social distancing, those that order online, which is recommended by the government and Trulieve itself, as a safety measure and to avoid crowds of people, are still forced to wait in the waiting room and outside in line with others whom are just showing up to make a purchase. I believe this contact is what is advised against, those that ordered online are doing so to avoid the situation which is occurring and just want to get in and out but to immediately!!! This location is an absolute joke, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND FIND ANOTHER DISPENSARY, one that actually has its patients best interest for most and not just the profit!!!!read more
Deshawn Logan
Deshawn L.
20:04 27 Mar 20
Absolutely amazing experience. Very welcoming and professional. Would HIGHLY recommend! Kevin was AMAZING na provided knowledgeable recommendations and a fantastic conversation.EDIT: the online ordering system needs to be revamped. I placed an online, after receiving my confirmation text telling me the order was ready, after waiting for over an hour outside the lobby, after entering again I was told there would be an additional 45 min wait. I was very displeased, as the purpose of online ordering is to eliminate this very process. Stars deducted for this more
Dub Gee
Dub G.
02:14 03 Mar 20
Place is awesome!!! Very clean environment and comfortable. Everyone working there was very nice, professional and courteous. The guy I worked with, Kevin, was very knowledgeable about the products and advised me on what products to get and how to use them for my short term and long term effects. This added knowledge given to me sold me as a consistent client going forward. Check’em out!!read more
Susan McGee
Susan M.
22:18 27 Feb 20
I drive my husband (client) here every month. The facility is clean, bright & easy to access. Everyone who works there has always been very nice & helpful. But today Security Frank went above and beyond in being of assistance to a very sickly, confused older lady. He was so kind & empathetic…..comforting her over and over for well over 10 minutes. I could not believe my ears…..his behavior was outstanding. What a genuinely compassionate gentle man. Your facility is lucky to have more
roberto kelly
roberto K.
17:40 27 Feb 20
Hands down the best dispensary in south Florida. Very professional and great customer service. Especially John, you can tell he is really passionate about his job and is very eager to help with any questions you might have. Very satisfied with the experience I received from more
Natasha Vaughn
Natasha V.
23:22 20 Feb 20
I started coming to Trulieve in Boynton when flower first became available. It’s been my regular shop for a while now- even though I have two dispensaries within a couple miles of me- I drive to Boynton to come here instead. I’m always impressed with the staff- they’re knowledgeable, friendly and never fail to put a smile on my face. The flowers are amazing, they have an incredibly wide selection and the bud tenders are well versed in them. Today I was helped by Eric, he like the others was well informed about the strains I was interested in and we had a nice chat as well. Thanks Eric for your help today !! (You are all great though ! read more
Elizabeth Bozic
Elizabeth B.
18:54 20 Feb 20
Bravo. The first dispensary to successfully bring medical marijuana to their patients. The staff is knowledgeable, patient, and kind. Sam and Adam have been there through thick and thin ( very supportive)! The product is a decent grade ( not too strong or weak) for intensity and relief. Kevin is awesome too. Very knowledgeable. Great experience!!!read more
Elizabeth Arocho
Elizabeth A.
16:44 17 Jan 20
Love this place, the delivery guys John and Mike are so awesome! Super sweet and so helpful. Also, needed help with a delivery issue and Chad got right on it and fixed everything for me! Staff here is AWESOMEread more
Heather Cardassi
Heather C.
03:50 17 Dec 19
Just got my medical marijuana card and was super excited to come check out this dispensary! I was greeted by Christine and Veronica who were extremely helpful and made me feel super comfortable the minute I walked in the door! I was escorted into the room with the product by Christine and I couldn’t believe all of the amazing options I had! Thank goodness for Josh who walked me through the process and what would best suit my needs! I’m happy with my choices and I can’t wait to go back! What an amazing establishment with such a friendly and welcoming staff!read more
17:46 19 Mar 19
What an amazing experience. It’s very evident that every single employee at this location is focused on the patient. It’s not a job for them. The concierge folks are sincere with their welcoming and the admittance staff are quick to get you logged in. The waiting room is large and beautifully maintained. You’ve gotta love the “bud” wallpaper. When you are escorted to the dispensary, it is not what you’d expect. It’s beautifully laid out with 10 stations of employees waiting to assist you. Pardon the pun but the place is a buzz with excitement as you hear all of the positive discussions about the benefits of cannabis. The displays of products and the atmosphere tell you right away that these guys (and gals) are professionals. There were so many stand outs that it would be unfair to single just a few out. My experience is that good service starts at the top, so kudos to the management team that put this crew together. If you are a patient or are considering becoming one, Trulieve in Boynton is worth the drive from more
Kevyn Kaplowitz
Kevyn K.
01:01 02 Nov 18
…They have the best and largest variety of products in Florida at the best prices, Period. Check their online store. I’ve shopped at nearly every dispensary (by name) in the state and they are hands down, the finest. They have great discounts for veterans, patients with lower incomes and also throw a lot of sales. If you shop smartly, they are definitely the place to go. If you live too far away to drive to your nearest dispensary, for a $25 fee they will deliver to nearly anywhere in the state. And as an added bonus, the staff is phenomenal. Go to any Trulieve location or have it delivered, you won’t be more
Kevyn Kaplowitz
Kevyn K.
06:38 01 Nov 18
…They have the best and largest variety of products in Florida at the best prices, Period. Check their online store. I’ve shopped at nearly every dispensary (by name) in the state and they are hands down, the finest. They have great discounts for veterans, patients with lower incomes and also throw a lot of sales. If you shop smartly, they are definitely the place to go. If you live too far away to drive to your nearest dispensary, for a $25 fee they will deliver to nearly anywhere in the state. And as an added bonus, the staff is phenomenal. Go to any Trulieve location or have it delivered, you won’t be more
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