Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Brooksville, FL

14099 Cortez Blvd
Brooksville, FL 34613

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 9am – 8pm
Sunday: 10am – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available


MMTC Dispensary – Open

Brooksville – A Trulieve dispensary located at 14099 Cortez Blvd in Brooksville, FL 34613 to service Hernando County medical cannabis card patients is open. Trulieve, the biggest dispensary brand in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for this Brooksville store products are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Brooksville Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products are available by delivery to your front door in Brooksville and throughout Hernando County. Order online or call over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients that have been certified by a recommending doctor who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$15 Delivery Fee Statewide. Free delivery to patients 65 years or older and on all orders over $200.

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

Anna Perser
Anna P.
17:09 18 Nov 21
A great big, enthusiastic 👍. I’ve been to every dispensary in a 20 mile radius (there are 6 that I know of) and this is one of only 2 that have a deal every day of the week! The place is respectable, professional, and the budtenders will listen to your needs and help in any way they can🤩😷.read more
Skye Smith
Skye S.
20:19 02 Sep 21
This is my favorite location, aside from the parking lot. Mercedes helped me in more ways than one, and with an account issue. Super friendly and went above the normal customer service for me. Great work today!read more
Joel Frost
Joel F.
23:56 24 Jul 21
Great staff!! First visit I was welcomed at the door by a very sweet young lady that was working in the waiting area. She welcomed me and explained everything I needed to know on the procedure! Then when my turn to go in to a cashier came a gentleman escorted me into the room and directed me to a wonderful young lady that was very knowledgeable on the products and what the different Terpenes do for the different conditions/effects. When I left I felt extremely pleased with the service and the knowledge! Thank you!read more
None None
None N.
17:04 17 Jul 21
This location has got it down, when they first opened I could tell that they were doing what any good citizen would do; roll with it! Noticeably the pick-up and walk-in systems were initially flawed and just weren’t able to keep up with the volume. The team rocked it just the same, and now I must say that everything has evolved to function and I am always happy to stop in, black tuna is hands down the best strain, they don’t water it down and it’s nice and sticky!read more
Alan Clemens
Alan C.
01:01 29 Jun 21
I love this place. Great customer service. Clean. Friendly staff. Great product. Fair prices.Alyssa provided excellent customer service on today’s visit. She fixed my problem when it would have been easier to just ring up my order and send me on my way. She went out of her way to help, and I appreciate it.Thanks, Alyssaread more
Tony Dodd
Tony D.
16:32 26 May 21
Location was extra busy, but manager (Nick) was keeping the whole process moving quickly, directing people from the waiting area to the appropriate associate, with a friendly demeanor and a helpful attitude. I had the pleasure of dealing with Manda, who couldn’t have been more friendly and eager to help. If she didn’t know an answer to my question, she found it by asking someone else. As busy as they were, I was still out in less than ten minutes. Their efficiency, speed and customer service are to be commended. They went out of their way to be extra nice, when they really didn’t have to, and I was quite frankly, blown away. Thank you Nick and Manda. This location is fortunate to have both of you.👍👍👍read more
Chris Thomas
Chris T.
16:54 03 May 21
Wow! This store is awesome! This was a first time visit for my wife and she is a first time user of cannabis. Brianna was extremely helpful in getting my wife the desired medicine she needed. She was very knowledgeable and my wife felt at ease immediately while talking with her. This dispensary is extremely clean and well ran. We can’t wait to go back!read more
Softail Patti
Softail P.
05:48 03 May 21
This specific location offers a wide selection of products, so there’s relief in many forms available. The online ordering is quite easily managed, and my orders have been ready and complete before I arrive. All the staff are educated in helping the customer find the best product. Also, the staff exude exceptional professionalism, and sincerely want to assist each patient a desired level of relief. You are greeted on arrival by cheerful staff and armed security. And, recently I noticed in my brief wait, there is a tv monitor that displays promotional products, as well as the first name, last name initial of the next few patients to be served. Cleanliness of this location, spotless and smells amazing. Mask requirement being strictly enforced. There are free masks in case you forgot to bring your own. So, visit this location, and take advantage of discounts and enjoy your more
aaa aaa
aaa A.
02:53 30 Apr 21
This place is brand new so it’s obviously going to be nice inside but it does seem worth mentioning – this place looks great! Love the quality product also and as a walk in was maybe a 10 minute wait. Those who pre-ordered online were in and out, very fast for those in a hurryread more
Jeremy Lueder
Jeremy L.
13:29 24 Apr 21
Hey good morning, good afternoon, which ever it is for you. Just wanted to say again this is my second Saturday I had the privilege to visit my pick up store here in Brooksville. And like always the staff was great, even the security guard grabbed my daughter a chair to sit down in. My bud tender was Amanda, she answered my questions and for sure helped me out. Thanks to all you ladies and more
Sarah LeClaire
Sarah L.
17:54 23 Mar 21
Jesse helped me promptly and efficiently with my order. He is very polite, sparks great conversation to ease the wait process and is very personable. In my opinion he deserves a raise or some kind of recognition for his hard work and dedication. Thank you Jesse! I was served at the brooksville more
Sam Nielsen
Sam N.
00:59 22 Mar 21
Trulieve has been godsend for my wife’s medical needs. Being over 65 years old, I appreciate senior Sunday discounts and home delivery. Furthermore, online ordering is available.The store is immaculately clean and upscale, and the staff are personable, knowledgeable, and helpful. Today, my sales rep, Stephanie M., took her time to explain differences among the various products which allowed me to make the right decisions. It truly is worth more
Fanny Ollieann
Fanny O.
07:04 19 Mar 21
My Favorite TL location in all of Florida. Most Outstanding and Knowledgeable staff. Fast and accurate service and i never check out before i am informed of any deals or discounts. Plus they ALWAYS give the BEST and MOST. Swag.. Thank you, Issac and Evan for the MOST AWESOME TRULIEVE 💚read more
Today was my 1st day visiting Trulieve and I was very impressed with the wide variety and quality of products available in store. My experience from check-in to check-out was simply awesome. I found my new place for all me needs at Trulieve so stop by and check them out you won’t be disappointed.I also want to say that customer service is everything to me and I want to thank the receptionist who greeted me and I’m sorry I don’t remember their names but they were great. The manager who answered a quick question but i did not get his name either but thank you for your help today! I did pickup Nicole’s card while she was getting my products and I want to thank her for her patience and knowledge in answering all my questions. She was very helpful and I appreciate that!So with that being said stop in and have your own experience. You won’t regret it and I honestly believe you will make this go to shop for all your needs too.Keep up the good work Trulieve!read more
Michael Richardson
Michael R.
00:33 14 Mar 21
This is the superior Trulieve location in central Florida. Pick ups are ALWAYS ready and thier inventory is remarkably consistent. The service is ground breaking. Nicole is the young lady assisting me this evening; her attention to detail, professional behavior and product knowledge is ON more
David Taylor
David T.
01:08 13 Mar 21
In the parking lot got pickup order ready I go to the door and they shut the doors at 7:55. How is that 8:00? Well apparently it is from the gentle man that sits at the front with a pistol. Goes to show if you are picking up medicine not to think of them as such. They are like every other company looking to get paid to work the least. At least this is what was shown to me tonight. Will not be purchasing from here again and will be removing my order. Hope others receive better service. Surterra knows at least how to take care of there customers especially more
Janice KMilton
Janice K.
19:17 15 Feb 21
Another visit with issues at this store. I don’t think as patients we ask for much but a little service, attention and direction. Our persistence created this market for these companies to make all this money. Feeling like companies like Trulieve appreciate this would be nice rather than feeling like were putting your staff out every time we walk in the door. That’s how I feel every time we come to this more
Dora Hutson
Dora H.
01:50 11 Feb 21
Love the products and love the staff! They have come to know many of us by name. Even the Security Guards are cool! They always take care of me and always treat me with respect! Thank you Krystina and the awesome staff at Trulieve Brooksville!!read more
Jessicas Weddings
Jessicas W.
00:00 30 Jan 21
Trulieve products are really high quality. Their service though is horrible. The Brooksville store is the worst of them all by far. They are incredibly busy but they do not staff enough people to service that business. Herd us all in like cattle and force a few hourly kids to deal with the busy days and massive wait times. Its a joke. Increase those profit margins by dropping service altogether. The staff you can tell is overwhelmed. Hire some people and staff your business properly. We notice!read more
JessicaMarie Thompson
JessicaMarie T.
01:11 28 Jan 21
This Trulieve is always a quick stop. I’m always in and out within 10-15 minutes! Everyone there is extremely nice and helpfully more
Emily Mahoney
Emily M.
05:41 25 Jan 21
Nice flower, but very frustrating that staff at most Trulieve stores tend to propagate an unprofessional “party” environment with some customers instead of remembering that ALL patrons are medical patients first. This particular branch spoke to me unprofessionally for no reason other than my not being a guy, it seemed. I didn’t hear anyone else addressed how I was addressed. Talk to every patient the same way… It shouldn’t matter what body someone got packaged into or what fabrics are on their body while they are attempting to access their medicine just like everyone else…… A good rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t say it to the elder white male combat veteran, don’t say it to ANYONE. (Why would it even change?? Really, think about that.) Also, I had called the store directly to try and address the issue with them, was assured a supervisor would call me back, and of course they never did. So, here’s a public review then. Trulieve corporate strategy would do well to crunch their analytics on who used to shop in store but now needs the delivery option instead, then try and care enough to figure out more
Peggy Van Vliet
Peggy Van V.
01:00 16 Jan 21
What a great group of mellow folks. They take the time to make sure we understood their products.
Ana Mashburn
Ana M.
11:59 15 Jan 21
Great flowers. Nice atmosphere,nice employees.. should check military statusb4 giving discount.. Raised on military bases over 20 years father was a Master Gunnery Sergeant. I get it I’m not the individual served but when you let young kids come in there and lie to you and you give 20% discount seems like a slap in the face to me…read more
David deVaull
David D.
18:42 29 Dec 20
Great staff. Good, efficient system. Great discounts and promotions. Website and internet ordering user friendly. Check in to website frequently to see if what you would like to order is available. If not, keep checking in. It’s a popular business. 10 stars for these more
The Sunshine Explorer
The Sunshine E.
17:10 21 Dec 20
The staff is extremely friendly and very accommodating. It’s a small store, but well stocked. Perfect place if you live in Hernando or Citrus Counties. No more long drives for residents of said more
Erika Sharpe
Erika S.
13:55 11 Dec 20
Trulieve as a whole is a total mess. The inventory online is never accurate. Even with this new system. Customer service is a complete waste of time if you’re trying to accomplish anything other than an order. They are the most unprofessional people I have ever dealt with on the phone or on chat. They will literally let you stand in line for an hour and not tell you they are out of what they know everyone is waiting for (ground or minis) until you get to the desk to check in. Every time I have ordered online they just change my order to whatever works for them without any notice at all. The last time I got a call that the ground I ordered was not in stock but that I had another option and to call back. I called back repeatedly with no answer and in turn did not get what I ordered. They do absolutely nothing to try and make it right. Trulieve is only concerned with making a dollar and has zero concern about the patients that need the medicine they are dispensing. Street drug dealers have better work etiquette in my opinion. Trulieve as a whole needs to work on their customer service and website instead of opening location after location that they cannot properly more
Jean Hunter
Jean H.
05:30 03 Dec 20
I placed an online order on Thanksgiving for pick up on Black Friday. I received a text instantly confirming my order. Never heard back from anyone. I went to the Brooksville store. I was told the order was cancelled due to delivery issues. By the time I got to the store everything was sold out. I went home disappointed.Saturday I received a call from the store manager. He said how sorry they were and said the next time I came in my order would be there waiting for me, most likely on Thursday.To my amazement Sunday I got a call from the sweetest woman, Danielle, saying to come on in my order was waiting for me. She was so nice and explained everything. I enjoyed our conversation and look forward to seeing her more
Amy Pinder
Amy P.
03:21 29 Nov 20
Just the sweetest people work there. I do think they need to try and have enough product to keep up with the demand. I am true to Trulieve customer all the way, but there are a few things that need to be fixed, but all in all it’s an awesome place. Great staff, they are always so kind. Thank you guys you work hard and long hours to help the people get their medicine. I always leave with a smile 😊read more
Peter Tollis
Peter T.
07:55 20 Nov 20
Awesome place!! My favorite Trulieve location for sure! STAFF IS SO FRIENDLY!. Only issue is on Mondays and Thursdays for the specials they’re ALWAYS sold out so quick. You have to be on at 7am and the website is so large bc everyone and their grandmab👵 is on there at the same time ! Literally !!! 🤣 so make sure your online early to get your specials after 8am usually sold out or close to on specials. BUT don’t get me wrong, they always have a great selection in stock of everything you could possibly need!!! I’ve been there over 50 times easily!!! Keep up the GREAT work guys!read more
debbie Hernandez
debbie H.
16:11 12 Nov 20
This dispensary is awesome. It’s close to my home, the employees are friendly and helpful. Just wish it was more more
Joanne Gaddy
Joanne G.
02:01 11 Nov 20
I’ve ordered online for pickup at the Brooksville dispensary, and I’ve also visited the dispensary to make a purchase. In every instance, the staff with whom I’ve interacted have been very helpful. Among the great staff, though, there’s a standout: Brea! She is pleasant, professional, and knowledgeable. Her advice and suggestions are always right on track. I appreciate Trulieve, the Brooksville dispensary and staff, and–especially: Brea!! Thanks!!Oread more
Tina merritt
Tina M.
00:53 08 Nov 20
They were so helpful, especially Christy! She was patient and I had a lot of questions.. first class service only waited a few minutes to be seen as a walk in. Clean and courteous! Check the discounts and save $read more
Jean Hunter
Jean H.
17:04 01 Nov 20
The website freezes even more since they updated the site. Orders don’t always go through on line. The texts are not always sent nor the confirmation emails. Sad but looks like Surterra wins out. Never had an on line issue with them. Similar products and competitive prices.I have been to this location several times now. Every person I have spoken with has been extremely kind and helpful.Yesterday I had the pleasure of dealing with Nick. He was extremely helpful in saving me money. Thank you very much Nick!Today I had the pleasure with dealing with David in the am, who was very kind and told me about store sales that saved me much money. Thank you David! Agin in the evening I returned for a few more sale items and was serviced by Tom. I have dealt with Tom on several occasions. He is extremely kind and you can tell he just loves his job. Thank you Tom!read more
Robert Swann
Robert S.
14:51 22 Oct 20
They had a lot of cool stuff and a young lady that works here named Christy was outstanding! She was great help! She was the bright spot of the entire morning!read more
Jean Hunter
Jean H.
01:03 10 Oct 20
I have been to this location several times now. Every person I have spoken with has been extremely kind and helpful.Yesterday I had the pleasure of dealing with Nick. He was extremely helpful in saving me money. Thank you very much Nick!Today I had the pleasure with dealing with David in the am, who was very kind and told me about store sales that saved me much money. Thank you David! Agin in the evening I returned for a few more sale items and was serviced by Tom. I have dealt with Tom on several occasions. He is extremely kind and you can tell he just loves his job. Thank you Tom!read more
Doug Myers
Doug M.
16:18 08 Oct 20
The people are really friendly. The place is really busy. Selection is good. You are better off going online and placing your order, then when you stop in you just pick up. Otherwise, to just stop in can mean a long wait in the more
Allison Crocker
Allison C.
11:53 24 Sep 20
Website for online ordering of sale (featured) items in the Brooksville store is abysmal. Out of stock within minutes of drop is CONSTANT! 40+ stores still have in stock and of course delivery option for $15.Seems like endless new faces in training with zero helpful information about products or even a desire to engage in any type of dialogue. Might as well purchase from a vending machine and not feel obligated to leave a tip.Mask enforcement is a joke as I’ve seen many enter with none as security is relaxing and chatting with front greeters/check in and allowing customers to not wear correctly while in waiting area.High demand items never in stock for senior Sunday discount, also constant.Other dispensaries do NOT operate like this and Trulieve needs to tighten up at this location.I can’t count the amount of errors I’ve had to address about wrong orders to not using/misusing discounts and loyalty points.This location just sucks the fun out of what should be an enjoyable and informative more
Robbie Crossland
Robbie C.
19:46 14 Sep 20
The state needs to get more flower out to us.
Michelle Baldwin
Michelle B.
19:10 13 Sep 20
I have gone to this location 2 times, and I have to say I’m pretty disappointed. Both times the person I got to help me couldn’t even tell me much about their product. Talking about price is not the only important factor. These people are supposed to know which product is best suited for your needs and they really don’t. Today i went in and was completely baffled that they had absolutely no flower at all and couldn’t tell me when they would get it in. I still spoke with a rep to inform me more about vape instead and they were completely clueless. Overall, I would find another place where the people working for a marijuana shop were actually more
16:20 10 Sep 20
Great location, great products, great service! This is my favorite dispensary around. Their employees, especially Amanda and Kristina, are always on point, making every visit a pleasure. They’re extremely friendly and knowledgeable as well. I have nothing bad to say about Trulieve…keep up the great work!read more
Jesse Renfroe
Jesse R.
00:24 07 Sep 20
Great to have another medical marijuana facility close to citrus county
Dayvin Woodruff
Dayvin W.
20:50 13 Aug 20
It was my first time visiting the treatment center. One of the workers named Eric helped me and made the experience a delightful one with his communication skills and speed. Thanks again Ericread more
Mark Dupuis
Mark D.
20:43 12 Aug 20
This is my third positive experience with Brooksville Transmission. Highest level of integrity and expertise. And once again they came under budget.Chris and Jayne are the best. Once again Chuck drew the “short straw” helping me out and did an excellent repair job.Until next time. I won’t go anywhere else. Go there with your issue and they will impress you. Very special place. Thanks again, Markread more
Devony Butler
Devony B.
03:41 02 Aug 20
They’ve only been open a short time. Their staff is new and one does for you what another doesn’t. They need to get it together. I got a discount on a sale one time. The second time they had the same sale, I asked for the additional discount. This medtender asked someone else that said no I couldn’t use my points. So one does what another won’t. It’s convenient to me and that’s what makes it good. They’re products are good as well. A little pricey so their discounts help a more
Joseph Artura
Joseph A.
10:18 24 Jul 20
Awesome store great location .. the staff is super friendly and helpful! DEFINITELY CO,MING BACK!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND
michael fonte
michael F.
20:09 20 Jul 20
It was a great experience! I have never done this before and they partnered me with a great representative named Issac. He was very knowledgeable, professional, and great customer service. I will recommend not only this dispensary but Issac to be the rep you ask more
02:14 13 Jul 20
I’m really liking how clean and organized Trulieve is. It actually feels like a medical experience.I’ve worked with both Isaac and Ted, both were very knowledgeable. All the check in staff were friendly, even though it was busy.A great addition to the area!read more
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