Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Clearwater Beach, FL

645 Bayway Boulevard
Clearwater Beach, FL 33767

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 9am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available

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Dispensary – Open

Clearwater Beach – A Trulieve dispensary located at 645 Bayway Boulevard to service Pinellas County medical cannabis card patients is now open. Trulieve, one of the best dispensary brands in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for their open dispensaries throughout Florida are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Clearwater Beach Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products in stock are available by delivery to your front door in Clearwater Beach and throughout Pinellas County. Order online or over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Trulieve Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$25 Delivery Fee Statewide

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

David Martinez
David M.
16:49 10 Oct 21
Expedient, knowledgeable, friendly service. Tori was fantastic. I smell a promotion in her near future 💯
Alex Buhrman
Alex B.
18:58 01 Oct 21
Best store I've ever been to. No wait time. Lots of products. Different products from the rest of the stores
# Shaheen
# S.
22:04 14 Sep 21
i had the pleasure of getting questioned today by a tylor a guy who lacks both tact and integrity. they forget to give me my change. he spoke to me in a demeaning manor and with disrespect. i know it’s hard to find good employees but please stop hiring more
Scott Siebert
Scott S.
15:35 11 Sep 21
Alec (hope i am spelling his name right) went above and beyond! Totally fantastic experience at this location. A+++
Jacquelyn Tolisano
Jacquelyn T.
22:28 31 Aug 21
Alec was my consultant today & is always bright & upbeat. His positive energy is infectious & you can always depend on having a great experience with him as your more
Showtime & Action Exclusives
Showtime & Action E.
12:52 28 Jul 21
Ever have a problem with their call center pay them a visit if you have the time they will be sure to get you taken care of even in person!! Heres the adress 13773 Icot Blvd Building 5, Clearwater, FL more
Donald Upton
Donald U.
00:34 15 Jun 21
Top notch. Very professional and very willing to help and inform new clients as well.
Aaron Mabee
Aaron M.
22:57 09 May 21
The only reason why it's not a 5 star is their buggy online ordering experience. If you want a better experience definitely walk in. They are super friendly, knowledgeable, and typically have a decent amount of products in stock vs. Other stores. And the wait times are typically under more
Johnny Ringo
Johnny R.
14:19 16 Apr 21
What a great experience. I would definitely recommend this location to anyone. My sales person Scott Ramsey was for helpful and informative. Great job guys!read more
Josh Friedman
Josh F.
00:30 07 Apr 21
Super cute beach house feel. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The selection here is great definitely a hidden gem when you are in the area stop more
steven dernoncourt
steven D.
19:38 01 Apr 21
This place is awesome. Staff very friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend this location to all truliever's.
Christopher Reck
Christopher R.
15:55 23 Mar 21
Great service! Very kind/friendly, informative, & helpful staff. Keep up the good work!!👍👍👏Note to the higher-ups: please continue growing the PHENOMENAL Cultivar Collection....more, more strains....keep them coming 😁read more
Allen Coyle
Allen C.
15:36 09 Mar 21
Nice little store sure did me a solid. Love you guys!
05:59 04 Mar 21
I can't say enough about how great this store is. The staff is always friendly and super chill even when some of the customers aren't; I wish the other Trulieve stores were as professional as this more
Benjamin Kitchens
Benjamin K.
04:45 03 Mar 21
This is a Great Location. I went on my Birthday & Angel helped me & was very nice she took that extra time that helped me have a better day. Also Brian the Manager hooked me up with a New Trulieve Jacket they both made my day. I truly appreciate the way they cared. They both are an asset to Trulieve & I hope this review get to someone that can give them a pay raise or something because they are the ones that keep people coming back. Thanks again for all you do. Have A Blessed DayGratitude 777read more
A Guy with Autism
A Guy with A.
17:45 01 Mar 21
A+Thank you.Appreciate all you guys.Staff are always nice.Caring and understanding staff, I appreciate those that genuinely look after others well being.Great products, super staff. If you have a big vehicle you might want to park on the street there’s 4 parking spots usually open. There’s a parking app, they will find you if you don’t use the app or the kiosk that’s pasts the bar next more
Epic Vlogger
Epic V.
00:12 20 Feb 21
Good location always has more product in stock than all others around town. Most all the staff are A+ except for 1 employee I had an issue with couple months ago but there hasn't been an issue since. 👍read more
Jeff Mitchell
Jeff M.
00:36 19 Feb 21
Super friendly. Always have what I want and more!! Thanks!!
Marc Belmonte
Marc B.
04:56 22 Jan 21
It's unfortunate when a business, or its associates, forgets customer service. It costs nothing. If they can't do it genuinely, ACT (the ol fake it to you make it)! It can be implemented from day 1. If it's not being met to YOUR expectations, hold them accountable. Couple of coaching opportunities, a couple more documents then replace the associate that's not delivering. We get it, you're making $ & we know you're not going to do anything price wise to help the patient (until some more competition shows up- don't think we won't forget these times) sooo maybe we can get some customer service? I would generally include your associates name in this review but there's no need for that. Care to drop a pin and I'll swing by to let you know how we can implement these procedures and policies? I heart holding associates ACCOUNTABLE. Or I'll and whomever else will go elsewhere. Lol not a threat... cause I certainly left without purchasing and went to.....🤙🏽read more
Rita Donohue-Simmons
Rita D.
04:27 20 Jan 21
Always a wonderful experience. Kind and helpful staff. Highly recommend!
Penelope Lopez
Penelope L.
20:50 08 Jan 21
I’ve been to many Trulieve locations and this one is horrible. No one says anything to you or even looks at you when you walk in, employee gives me a hard time about a faulty product of TRULIEVES that I’m returning, and the wait time is atrocious. I’ve heard more excuses about the online ordering system than any other retailer EVER! If your a business and your having problems you don’t just tell the customer “oh well our online system isn’t working again.”You guys are making millions and you seriously can’t get an online system that works? Something doesn’t sound right to me. Please quit blaming technology for your inability to make decisions to further scale a million dollar company. I won’t be coming back here ever. I liked driving to the beach but I’ve got a curaleaf right near my house that is friendly and more
22:47 05 Jan 21
terrible customer service and wait times. never had a good experiance at any trulieve let alone this one. There is absolutely no excuse. Surterra ,fluent, curaleaf all run the same business with no issues and much better more
David Upton
David U.
14:25 02 Jan 21
Truly for Clearwater Beach may not be your biggest store but it is definitely one of your best the employees are very knowledgeable very polite and quite accommodating. They're stock seems to be kept good they usually have what you more
Christopher Reck
Christopher R.
15:29 22 Dec 20
Great service! Very kind/friendly, informative, & helpful staff. Keep up the good work!!👍👍👏Note to the higher-ups: please continue growing the PHENOMENAL Cultivar Collection....more, more strains....keep them coming 😁read more
Jim Neilson
Jim N.
21:01 21 Dec 20
This place sells light deps for top tier flower. Very bland no smell type flowers...not cured correctly
David P Hulburt
David P H.
20:41 16 Nov 20
Very nice in and out! This location had everything I wanted in one stop! I think this place will be the go-to when at Clearwater more
Ray Wright
Ray W.
21:04 03 Nov 20
Love this store! Always gives me a great excuse to go to Clearwater Beach for a few hours.
Ashleigh Lenderman
Ashleigh L.
23:53 31 Oct 20
People were friendly. I really liked the location however, one of my prerolls had nothing in it. And unfortunately I'm from out of town so couldn't bring it back for a refund... kinda just feel like I should be able to trust that my item is actually in the package and not be shorted on my amount of medication for the month. And have some other kind of way to retrieve my missing item even if I can't drive 3 hours back to that more
02:18 26 Sep 20
I had them refund part of order and i have asked them to remove what was not purchased from my prescription, 5 days later after an email and another call still has not been removed and they also have no way to call the store itself because you just get transfered to a call center. I will raise the stars in my review whenever they feel like addressing my more
Jack Smith
Jack S.
17:20 27 Aug 20
Trulieve is always the best we take trips to beach and always stop in.
Loren Mell
Loren M.
19:16 15 Aug 20
Never really wanted to write a review on this one because I feel like it's my secret spot. On the other hand they do deserve the shout out. Thanks guys, always a good more
Gwen Samuels
Gwen S.
20:33 09 Aug 20
They are quick and very knowledgeable. Best all they have patience with you.
Jonathan Morley
Jonathan M.
15:54 08 Aug 20
I made a random comment about China being evil and Liz just ignored my insensitivity. Cool place and excellent staff.In my defense, I had a great joke in my head but I only ended up saying the QR invented by China is evil part. Now I don't remember the more
Shane Emory
Shane E.
21:11 29 Jul 20
Shorted my pick up order and will not reply to me in order to get it corrected. Basically stealing from patients. Just what I have come to expect from this horrible company! Can't wait for the reply to tell me to email That is funny because I have messaged them 5 times there and have gotten nothing back. Trulieve HATES its patients and only cares for profits!read more
Patricia Bowman
Patricia B.
00:29 28 Jul 20
Amazing experience! Ill definitely be making the drive. Thank you Trulieve ❤️
Jesse Finocchi
Jesse F.
16:07 24 Jul 20
This is the best Trulieve I have been to. Trish is friendly, easy to talk to and has amazing customer service. Great experience. Always great products. Jenn Rread more
larry riddle
larry R.
17:14 19 Jul 20
Very quick friendly service! Thanks guys
Anthony  Davis
Anthony D.
10:55 04 Jul 20
This place seems to be better than the rest, maybe because it hides on the beach. I would give this dispensary and or company more stars if the product they advertised was in stock on a consistent basis. Due to the lack of options I am giving this place 4 stars. Service here is amazing, great staff and everyone is more
Jimmie Love
Jimmie L.
19:42 22 Jun 20
One of my favorite Trulieve stores service is always top notch...
Jay Kay
Jay K.
22:14 04 Jun 20
I received notice my order was packaged and ready to be picked up. I drove the hour to the dispensary to pick it up and when I arrived was told only half my order, the two waxes; not the 6 1/4s of ground flower i ordered as well were ready. They couldn't give me the flower cause my limit was up until the next day (monthly allowance) when I could drive the hour back and pick it up no problem. The drive was a waste the gas was a waste . All because the system trulieve uses doesn't watch your quota. You find out the hard way after you get there that the order they said was ready to go is actually only 2 of the 8 items ordered. Trulieve you more
yeeyoo 41
yeeyoo 4.
23:29 27 May 20
Love how fast you can get in and out usually in know time....
Kim Jensen
Kim J.
18:01 23 May 20
First visit. Very helpful. Great customer service.
Liz Dale
Liz D.
13:34 22 May 20
Nice store, smaller than the St. Petersburg Trulieve, but perfect for it's location. No waiting. That was nice.
Jennifer Barger
Jennifer B.
23:56 18 May 20
My favorite dispensary by far!Great customer service!!They tr a at you like family!!
Jimmy Mack
Jimmy M.
18:22 07 May 20
This is a really good place the folks are very knowledgeable, least expensive highest quality of all dispensaries
Salty Sonic
Salty S.
13:38 07 May 20
The people at Trulieve are a step above the rest. I don't know what I can say on here legally speaking. All I want to get across is how amazing they are. Their shared knowledge of the product is spectacular. They can help you get the right medicine depending on what ales you. Not only do they have top tier ish but they also have a phenomenal variety of it. I particularly like the 900mg CO2 extracted Truclear syringes because it's better for my wallet lol Not everyone offers that by the way ;). Their Truground is great value! They care about the patients and develop professional relationships with each and every individual. They got great folks and quality product with online and delivery options. How can you not love them?? They are even located on the beach!! Did I mention the variety quality and value? Who would have thunk to have a loyalty program and discounts on our medicine? Thank you for being great! Danny and Ali are some cool cats 😎read more
Katherine Hilton
Katherine H.
17:31 24 Apr 20
Amazing store, and lovely tenders. Everyone is so polite and helpful I definitely love this location!!!
Jim isF
Jim I.
21:34 07 Apr 20
Great dispensary & wonderful & very knowledgeable staff. See you guys soon 🙌🏼✌🏼
Daryl Dottery
Daryl D.
12:50 15 Feb 20
Customer Service was on point. I was in and out in 10 minutes. I got a hell of a deal on half ounce for $50. Now that's what prices should be! The product is 🔥 I'm so excited I will definitely be back and wish I had got the full ounce 😄read more
Jennifer Davis
Jennifer D.
20:09 14 Feb 20
I try to always use the Clearwater Beach location. I’ve had the pleasure of having Faith help me. She always answers all my questions and is very helpful if I have a return!!read more
Alice Kenefick
Alice K.
22:09 10 Feb 20
Awesome staff all around every time 💯
Lilliana Sanders
Lilliana S.
07:46 09 Feb 20
I have been to Trulieve in Tampa, St. Pete, and now Clearwater. The Clearwater location is a true top notch establishment. The women who work in there were super friendly and knowledgable. I was very comfortable in the office. The office was clean and spacious. It was well lit and safe. It is also right next door to the beach and a lot of fun establishments. What more can you ask for? I live about 40 minutes away from this location and about 45 to St. Pete's and 30 to Tampa's. I would drive the extra 10 minutes to visit this more
Bobby Fiscel
Bobby F.
21:47 07 Feb 20
What can I say about Trulieve Clearwater except they are ALL awesome . Talking about a professional and friendly staff wow. They are so helpful and they dont seem to ever be in a hurry to rush you out the door. They always have time answering whatever questions may be on your mind and the knowledge they share is very much appreciated. I LOVE the Clearwater Beach Loacation! If you guys read these and see this .. I just want to say Thank you ! You guys Rock! On a scale 1 through 10 this place due to the amazing staff there is easily a more
Don Ondrejcak
Don O.
14:57 21 Jan 20
Great little store. They have a few items the palm harbor location does not have that are worth trying. Start with the strawberry more
Jay E
Jay E
19:22 13 Jan 20
I wasn't impressed whatsoever by the knowledge of the employees. Their knowledge of products was very bad and when I asked questions they had blank responses or were rude. Not interested in more
Fanny Posada
Fanny P.
05:35 26 Dec 19
I love this location, the Professionals, (Employees) who work here are very educated on all the products available, and always informative of Sales and Discounts available. The location is always clean and fresh, even the restrooms are very clean. A++ on costumer service and very down to earth, with common compassion for patients and thier more
Jimmy Mack
Jimmy M.
13:06 22 Dec 19
This is a really good place the folks are very knowledgeable
j sla
j S.
00:47 10 Dec 19
Best quality product in town can't wait till their prices come down
Suzane Quain
Suzane Q.
13:55 05 Nov 19
The staff are very professional and educated on my health needs. Their customer service skills go over and above! So glad we have one in Clearwater beach now!read more
16:11 14 Oct 19
I really like this location! I come from pasco county & it is well worth the drive. The staff is amazing, very friendly & knowledgeable! I will most definitely come back to this location again. Next time gotta remember my fishing poles 😎🐠🐬read more
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