Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Clearwater, FL

24639 US HWY 19 N
Clearwater, FL 33763

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 9am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available

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Dispensary – Open

Clearwater – A Trulieve dispensary located at 24639 US 19 N to service Pinellas County medical cannabis card patients is now open. Trulieve, one of the best dispensary brands in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for their open dispensaries throughout Florida are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Clearwater Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products in stock are available by delivery to your front door in Clearwater and throughout Pinellas County. Order online or over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Trulieve Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$25 Delivery Fee Statewide

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

22:53 23 Oct 21
I love how they like to tell you they have great prices at $53 a 1/8 no and just 1/8s they typically sell. I’ll be going back to Liberty to get my stuff. Oh yeah they won’t even let their patients in the door without wearing a mask and don’t provide masks too. What kind of medical establishment doesn’t provide masks for patients? Skip this hassle of everything here and go somewhere else. Here is a business tip for you guys, why don’t you get a couple boxes of masks for your patients, you are changing $53 a 1/8 I’m sure you can afford more
sherry mccord
sherry M.
18:34 20 Oct 21
I was very disappointed. My first time after receiving my email, I bought $125 flower, with the 50% discount. I was told on the phone when ordering, that the ones I wanted all were 28%. I bought them on that recommendation. Two were actually 18% and one was 16%. They do not help very much at all. None of them. I wish I would not have taken his suggestion and waited until I went inside. The staff were amazing. Very, very nice. The weed was really dried out. So more
lynfrances Raab
lynfrances R.
21:22 12 Oct 21
Very helpful staff, knowledgeable and up to date on specials and discounts. I have only been to one other dispensary because I am happy with this more
Kiera Zazula
Kiera Z.
17:15 07 Sep 21
Emely took great care of me this visit! She was very patient and understanding. What a sweet girl!! However, the show room needs to brighter! The vibe upon entrance to the show room is a little dull. Wait times are a little up but it’s only a slim inconvenience for what you are receiving. Very very happy to have Trulieve around! ✌🏼💚read more
James Cromer
James C.
21:39 29 Aug 21
Always be my dispensary. I wish they had grandaddy purple in flower but I love this place. I live about 25 minutes away in Pasco county but I’d rather travel here because they’re nice and always more
Shantal Brown
Shantal B.
18:28 29 Aug 21
I wanted to give more than 5 stars but I can’t sooo… thank you to my FAVORITE Trulieve location for a phenomenal experience today! I spent like 30 minutes inside WILLINGLY having a FANTASTIC conversation with Trulieve rep Danielle. She is super funny, great to talk to, and a wonderful personality! Her manager Gaylen is so friendly and her fashion sense is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Thank you both for the best experience thus far! ☺️read more
Sarah Seaman
Sarah S.
16:57 15 Aug 21
This truly experience is how I wish all of my truly experiences will be in the future. I enjoyed the amazing room in the waiting room as well as the fact that I was offered a water almost immediately. Then when they called me back very politely it’s a huge room where I’m able to go up to the dispensary rep and not feel like I’m rushed or overcrowded. If you live in Clearwater or are willing to drive, this is the dispensary to more
16:37 11 Aug 21
Please teach your employees how you use your computer system. I love standing waiting for 20 plus minutes to get my receipt and change all because you accidentally “hit the wrong button”. Come on guys this is not the first time this has happenedread more
Christian Frazier
Christian F.
17:08 24 Jul 21
One of the best locations around Central Florida. Great team and the stock is pretty good. Very knowledgeable team members and always friendlyread more
Johnny 2 Case
Johnny 2 C.
20:29 06 Jul 21
There is always a very helpful, courteous, and very friendly Rep to put my order together at this location. Today was a little different. Today a young lady named Danielle put my order together and she made sure I was the right person picking up the order by verifying my birthday and she also made some recommendations regarding some of the products. She was very friendly and made my transaction an easy process.Thank youread more
Sarina Wilson
Sarina W.
14:16 10 Jun 21
My go to dispensary, they usually have the best drops compared to the other locations. Friendly fast and usually have my order in stock. Will definitely be coming back to this one for a long time to more
Kristie Mccrane
Kristie M.
23:52 05 Jun 21
Thank you Jon and Dallas for such a great experience at this Trulieve. The drive-thru option is a quick and easy way to pick up if you don’t want to add anything else to your order. The staff is always friendly and extremely knowledgeable about all the more
Milo O'Connor
Milo O.
18:22 14 May 21
I have only had good experiences with this location. Everyone here is so friendly and they really look to help you out with whatever you need. Cashiers are very knowledgeable and will suggest products and deals if you aren’t already aware of them. They even gave me a branded lanyard and pin a while back 🙂read more
Mark LaScola
Mark L.
14:10 20 Apr 21
Poor product availability for topical. They finally have it in stock and I order for pickup. No text telling me it’s ready so I go in. Can’t find the order in computer until manager looks. Then I have to sit and wait. They call me back, but they don’t have order ready. I spend a lot of money there, but there are lots of dispensary out there competing for business. The people working there were helpful and courteous, but clearly some issues on the inventory and process more
John David
John D.
19:09 05 Apr 21
For those that truly wish to get a lesson on the benefits of this wonderful plant, I offer to you the whole Trulieve crew Clearwater, Clearwater on gulf to bay, and Clearwater beach locations. I have frequented all three locations and used my inexperience as a guide to ask many questions at all three locations. All the employees are really good honest people who truly want to help. I asked many questions, and Trulieve does a great job of printing out hand outs for new patients that really help if you want to delve deep into your patient care. The information is informative and well worth the time to read.I must pointout some employees specifically that I found to be above and beyond helpful.Chelsey, Mark, in Clearwater Gulf to bay. Thank you guys, your experience and recommendations are very helpful.As I go try the other dispensaries, Trulieve has set a high bar….pun intended. 😉read more
Jessica Hicks Obien
Jessica Hicks O.
17:31 05 Apr 21
I have to say this is the NICEST of all the Trulieve locations!!! Whoever is running that store is doing a great job! ALL of those employees need a raise, or a bonus, or both. Every time I go to this store I learn something new, and the customer service is just awesome. Very laid back, welcoming, and just good vibes in this place! Thanks y’all!read more
Dawn Hoff
Dawn H.
02:53 29 Jan 21
Everyone is always so helpful and upbeat each time I visit, especially Aaron, Gaylyn, Max, Kayla and Quinn! The sales team is so knowledgeable and has helped me get the right products, for my needs! Best place I’ve shopped so far! Abby just made my experience, as crazy as it was with my return, a pleasurable one😃read more
Toby Maney
Toby M.
00:34 09 Jan 21
My first time here. Staff was very professional and nice. Check in up front and they will bring you to the back. There are plenty of people behind the counter to answer any questions you might have. This was clean and prices were better than expected. I will be more
Ashley Hubbard
Ashley H.
13:59 30 Dec 20
Deanna at the Call Center is incredible! She has such a great attitude, you can hear her smiling through the phone as she guides you through the process of placing an order or editing an existing one. She’s very knowledgable of the products Trulieve offers and is very efficient, especially with the new system. If you’re lucky enough to get her on the phone, you’re guaranteed to hang up in a better mood than you started with! Thank you for being such an optimistic & positive representative for Trulieve!read more
Cheyenne Hernandez
Cheyenne H.
13:07 19 Nov 20
Yesterday was my first time at any dispensery. I am so happy that I choose Trulieve to have my first experience! The staff was great and super informative. I was lucky enough to get paired with Sam H. He was able to answer all of my questions and steer me in the right direction for what I was looking for. Sam was also very personable. He was able to relate with my anxiety issues, and have some great suggestions for helping to cope with it. Thank you Trulieve and Sam H. for helping this newbie have an amazing first experience!read more
Sandy Pino
Sandy P.
17:42 13 Nov 20
I was greeted with a smile and Tammy walked me through everything I needed. Also Sam G. and Eric R. are two of my favorite people to do business with. This place was clean and took extra precautions for covid-19. I will definitely be back to this place. The weed is so good I forgot I had already left a more
Erika Anderson
Erika A.
22:44 08 Oct 20
I have been to a few and this one is by far my absolute favorite Trulieve. I am always greeted warmly when I walk in the door, they expertly and efficiently take care of my needs and it is a very clean place. Wear your mask!read more
Great selection and variety, a lil pricey…but only problem I had was with the initial online ordering-as they were migrating to a new system and the changes affected us new users/applicants…and I was surprised that 1st timer program was lacking as others are at least 20% plus…and Trulieve is 15%? ….actually all of their reward programs need better structure. What say you…?read more
Franklin Ramos
Franklin R.
23:11 19 Sep 20
Good place
Phil Cousineau
Phil C.
19:08 19 Sep 20
Being my first time at Trulieve, I was met with very pleasant and helpful front office staff. The folks in the back especially Amber and Abbey were awesome, very well versed and very helpful. This is a very low key, comfortable and clean location. Not intimidating in any way and very willing to help with first time questions and concerns. Thanks for making it a fun and easy experience, I will be back more
Melissa Lawrence
Melissa L.
20:53 18 Sep 20
I love the Trucrew here! It was my favorite when it was at the end of the road and once it moved, I kind of stopped going there. Now I get to see Ashleigh Black and Amanda, who have been there forever. They do a fantastic job! The store has easily became my favorite again and I love that, because it’s the closest one to me. No more long drives to Largo and Clw Beach. 🙌🎉read more
Jason Remy
Jason R.
19:15 18 Sep 20
Amanda was super helpful and amazing as always
StandUp ForYourself
StandUp F.
16:56 18 Sep 20
Trulieve is fine. This store is a disaster. April S and Andrew H have no idea what they are doing and that is very obvious. When I come in and they are working I feel I am not being treated fairly because of who I am. I would like to be treated with respect like every other patient. I feel unsafe at times due to Andrews intensity and lack of understanding. I know other patients feel this way as well. I feel targeted. I feel like it is frowned upon by the managers for me to greet my favorite consultants that work way too hard to make April and Andrew look like they are doing their jobs. I would much rather see good employees advancing in the company but frankly I can see why they do not want the positions under these managers. I miss the positive vibes and good energy Trulieve should be representing for their patients. April and Andrew make Trulieve seem comparable to Walmart. I hope Trulieve notices and fixes the problem soon and Andrew and April start accepting their mistakes. Seems like they cant keep their best employees very long due to their poor mistakes. I would shout out some of the consultants that I think deserve it but I wouldn’t want them to get in trouble. -LBHread more
Shay Campero
Shay C.
20:44 17 Sep 20
Last time I came here I had a crazy long wait time because the people in front of me in line didn’t have cash on them and had to go to the gas station to use the ATM, so the staff put everyone waiting in line before them on hold for that. They have decent prices but that was very more
Michele Clary
Michele C.
19:32 17 Sep 20
The employees were beyond helpful and took the time I needed to answer my questions and so i could be matched with the correct (s) that would best be helpful to me. I will definitely be going back!read more
Kattie Woodyard
Kattie W.
16:31 14 Sep 20
Always kind, quick, helpful
Sarah Jaffee- Hersch
Sarah Jaffee- H.
13:53 11 Sep 20
The facility itself was so clean and inviting. Everyone in the waiting area was so kind and helpful. The best part of my experience here was Amanda! She was so patient, knowledgeable, personable and yet professional! The energy and vibe from all of the staff was incredible!read more
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy S.
16:11 10 Sep 20
Walk in for me I guess is the way to go. When I am pressed for time. I do online ordering. And every time, I still end up waiting the half hour.I don’t mind the wait most of the time. But, when I do the online…. Makes no difference. I still have to wait. Every time. As far as products: Fantastic! Second to none.Staff is also fantastic! Will go here every time for any of my needs.Thanks!read more
Katrina Piparo
Katrina P.
01:27 06 Sep 20
As per usual the Trulieve team did not disappoint. I usually visit the Largo store but I was in the area and decided to stop in to the Clearwater store. The love was emasculate, staff was wonderful and knowledgeable, service was fast and products on point. I’ll definitely take the drive to visit this store again. Also left a copy of my resume. I’d love to join the team!read more
carson cupari
carson C.
20:23 04 Sep 20
Great staff, very knowledgeable and good pot 🙂
Joshua Harvey
Joshua H.
23:40 03 Sep 20
Somewhat nice workers. Not happy about misleading product online and then having an employee mess my instore order
Robert Rosen
Robert R.
21:12 03 Sep 20
Fantastic quality, great selection, and friendly staff! Best dispensary around, hands down.
Johnny Sisneros
Johnny S.
23:13 02 Sep 20
Been coming here for 3 years at least 3 times a month an still have not had one bad experience with staff or there products! 5 stars all the wayread more
charles rice
charles R.
21:16 30 Aug 20
Still waiting for edibles but soon
Jack Smith
Jack S.
17:17 27 Aug 20
Best for medical needs. Best price. Treat vets great. Always treat you with kindness and happy vibes.
00:43 26 Aug 20
Greg is super knowledgeable, attractive and efficient. Cheers to you Greg !
Madeleine Sweet
Madeleine S.
23:59 25 Aug 20
Actually sitting in the lobby right now and feeling super uncomfortable. I understand I came in 7 minutes before closing but to make the experience unpleasant is low of your employees. They don’t know what is going on in my life that I had to rush in last minute. They ask you if you have an online order and if you don’t they just take your card and look away annoyed. Their employees also are not knowledgeable. Go to MUV instead. They are always chipper and happy to see you and actually know what they are talking more
Kendra Ray
Kendra R.
18:48 21 Aug 20
I have been a patient at Trulieve for years and have watched the Clearwater location grow. I recently was diagnosed with cancer, which made me appreciate what Trulieve has to offer even more. When the pandemic began, I was scared to go anywhere due to my compromised immune system. EVERY time I have been to Trulieve, I’m impressed how coordinated they are and how seriously they take the new safety guidelines. Amanda, specifically, has ALWAYS been super professional and goes above and beyond to make sure you have what you need. THANKS to Amanda and everyone else on the Trulieve team!read more
Crystal Bridges
Crystal B.
23:04 18 Aug 20
I went to this location on two separate occasions inspired by an email and excited to use my first time purchase 25% discount.Both times I was treated horribly and ended up leaving instead of even attempting to go back. With the different strands and THC percentage and discounts is tricky enough I try to be sure I get enough high THC and enough of the right blends to get me through the month. If you have any kind of anxiety this is not a place to go. I highly suggest the drive through Curaleaf right up the more
Jessica Payne
Jessica P.
23:12 16 Aug 20
Excellent Reviews!! I’m very impressed with this location & all the stuff everyone can learn. What a good location, very nice set up & Very nice workers & employees! Looking forward very much!read more
Sam Fritz
Sam F.
21:20 04 Aug 20
This was my first time visiting tt Clearwater Trulieve and it was really great that my consultant put my labels on the flower jars for me. This has never happened not one time at any Trulieve I have ever been to but all the other dispensaries do this. I really appreciated him for taking the extra step to do so. This should be done for every patient before they leave They shouldn’t have to sit in their car in the parking lot and do this to be legal driving home. Thank youread more
Sandy Pino
Sandy P.
17:41 02 Aug 20
I was greeted with a smile and Tammy walked me through everything I needed. This place was clean and took extra precautions for covid-19. I will definitely be back to this more
Andy Menyhar
Andy M.
18:17 31 Jul 20
I visited Trulieve today as a new patient and had an excellent experience. The registration process was quick and easy, after a short wait I was allowed inside the sales room. My advisor behind the counter was very knowledgeable and friendly. He steered me towards some great choices of medicines at a generous new patient sale. Would recommend to other patients and I will be returning to more
Angela Crouch
Angela C.
18:28 28 Jul 20
Amanda, Andrew and crew are the best! As a long time patient, I frequent Trulieve quite often. Staff keeps things quick, efficient, and safe. We APPRECIATE you!read more
22:04 23 Jul 20
This location is the best one I’ve been too. Great service, once I got the text to come in i went straight to the showroom without the extra lobby wait. Keep it up guysread more
Stephanie OConnor
Stephanie O.
16:31 20 Jul 20
They are just down right awesome! Very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I like that they have clearance items. I know the clerk’s must hate when I ask about clearance but they never seem to more
Lori Umstead
Lori U.
14:29 11 Jul 20
The staff truly welcomes you with a Genuine smile and Genuinely cares about your needs. Very knowlagable of the products available. The Quality of the products are always 💯% Top Notch. Thank You So Much!read more
Isabelle T
Isabelle T
20:39 02 Jul 20
I do not do reviews often. I’m 59, and am on my granddaughters account. But, I would give Trulieve a HUGE 5 stars. Even though I am not a patient, my daughter is. She no longer needs to take anxiety meds.But the point of my review, is a wrong I had to make right. They were very understanding, and very appreciative that I took the time to fix something that was just not what I actually saw. They listened, and fixed it immediately. I thought about my daughter, and had to fix my wrong. So thank you Trulieve for being so understanding, and very kind. I will be sure to recommend anyone to your location. Thank uread more
Denese Staples
Denese S.
03:07 01 Jul 20
This is just the best place! I have had the pleasure of dealing with a wonderful young lady named Sam! She is very informative and just a sweet soul! She has provided me with good advice and always has a smile on her face! Great products, great service!!read more
Richard Glass
Richard G.
20:39 27 Jun 20
Usually great here. Service today horrible. Ordered online at 9 am. Didn’t get text like usual. Finally get a call 5 1/2 hours later to tell me they don’t have the main item I wanted that they sent me a sale text for today.Online check in didn’t work. Got to store and told it’s a 45 minute wait to pick up the other items. Horrible experienceread more
Peter Tracanna
Peter T.
16:48 26 Jun 20
Amanda is Fantastic at keeping all patients informed, and getting us back to the Service area! Scott is very Knowledgeable, and Fast with checking out. This location has a Great selection of products, and is extremely efficient. I highly recommend this branch of the Trulieve Family!!!!!read more
Stephanie Mackiewicz
Stephanie M.
03:53 22 Jun 20
Trulieve is an amazing business w amazing employees. Most are extremely helpful, knowledgeable on all products,strains, & recommendations. I ONLY SHOP w Trulieve and I will continue to do so faithfully. (😉😁 I love my “Truliever” Status💯)read more
Kim Lindenmayer
Kim L.
22:50 20 Jun 20
Don’t go without a face mask they won’t let you get your order. Other then that place was tidy and employee’s are pleasentread more
Brandy Kriger
Brandy K.
15:09 19 Jun 20
My store doesn’t always have the best selection so I often find myself driving to the Clearwater location for better available variety. The location is always clean and the staff are friendly. Sydney has helped me several times and is very knowledgeable about the product, new strains, etc., and she’s one of the friendliest customer service professionals I have ever encountered. I’ve encountered others, especially at my local store, that act like a question is an inconvenience. Sydney is truly customer driven and, even when they are slammed busy, takes the time to make sure you understand what you’re getting and answer any questions. It’s worth the longer drive just for the great more
Andi Staley
Andi S.
01:28 18 Jun 20
The entire staff was friendly and professional. Shout out to Greg who answered all my questions and provided great recommendations. I only waited about 5 minutes and it was actually a fun wait chatting with Will at more
Stephanie Scheliga
Stephanie S.
12:49 15 Jun 20
I am in awe of this location….I drive further to go to this location because all of the employees there have all been polite, caring, clean, prompt….there is no gossiping of customers like at other locations…this location always greets you and make the entire atmosphere calm and friendly!! I am sorry if i leave out any employees I have dealt with but for now…thank you so much to Amanda and Ada …super helpful and always friendly…i never feel rushed and i never get a negative attitude or vibe from the employees or facility….they always address my concerns or any questions i have without giving me an attitude or make me feel as if i am dumb!!…thank you so much for taking care of us patients in the way people should be treated…like we are all equal!!read more
Jessica Daffy
Jessica D.
10:40 13 Jun 20
Love this store and it’s employees. But shout out to Ashley! She’s amazing every single time I go in the store. Thanks for all you guys do. I drive from New Port Richey to come to this location because of the customer service and the cleanliness!read more
Johnathan Bosse
Johnathan B.
21:23 07 Jun 20
Talk about commitment to service; every representative was knowledgeable on every product, truly cares about each patient, and helped with product selection. I feel very taken care of, with an organized system to maintain safety and control during the pandemic. The product selection is always in stock with what I’m looking for, and they even deliver!read more
W.S. McMurphy
W.S. M.
15:16 30 May 20
I would like to thank John (the guy with the beard) id# 3740 . The most informed individual on their products I have spoken with. Very educational. I am grateful thank you. Five stars ***** 👍🙏🙂read more
Fred Flintstone
Fred F.
18:00 23 May 20
Very friendly kind people, well knowledged quality customer service. Pleasant place to go with a quality selection and I look forward to visiting again. Thanks much!read more
Stefaan Braem
Stefaan B.
17:10 13 May 20
The phone message suggests to go to their website and start a chat session. Don’t waste your time. There are long waiting times and no help nor information is provided. They keep suggesting to go to the website and look it up more
dylan burke
dylan B.
02:26 12 May 20
Very friendly kind people, well knowledged quality customer service. Pleasant place to go with a quality selection and I look forward to visiting again. Thanks much!read more
Darren Bussell
Darren B.
17:38 09 May 20
This is my “go to” dispensary. Every time I come here, the staff is super friendly and professional. Most recently, I dealt with Ada and she was no exception. She was friendly and efficient. My second favorite part is their online pickup. Thank you, more
Smokus Pocus
Smokus P.
18:34 19 Apr 20
Great dispensary. One of the best in the area. Nice selection and awesome staff. Ava helped me and she was super nice 🙂 as was everyone else. The products were all top notch 💚💚💚💚 will probably be my go to now. Even with everything going on plus the holiday coming they are insane busy and still getting you in really fastread more
Greg Rodgers II
Greg Rodgers I.
18:39 17 Apr 20
I placed an DELIVERY order 2 days ago with the promise of the order being delivered within 1 business day. Its DAY 3!!! I’ve been trying to reach Trulieve via phone and chat WITHOUT any success! What a horrible, confusing situation!! Where are my MEDS and is this how you run a pharmacy??!! I’ve spent hours calling and trying to reach em! Beware!! Avoid this place during COVID-19, you’ll never get what your ordered!!read more
Gregory Rodgers
Gregory R.
18:36 17 Apr 20
I placed an DELIVERY order 2 days ago with the promise of the order being delivered within 1 business day. Its DAY 3!!! I’ve been trying to reach Trulieve via phone and chat WITHOUT any success! What a horrible, confusing situation!! Where are my MEDS and is this how you run a pharmacy??!! I’ve spent hours calling and trying to reach em! Beware!! Avoid this place during COVID-19, you’ll never get what your ordered!!read more
Ashleigh Black
Ashleigh B.
01:21 04 Mar 20
This location is by far the best!! From the front desk, to the back of the house. They’re quick and efficient and the entire team is friendly! Everyone has positive attitudes & you can tell everyone genuinely loves what they do! Would recommend to anyone looking for a first time & long time dispensary! You’ll be blown away with knowledge!read more
Wayne Dallas
Wayne D.
19:20 08 Feb 20
If your a new patient to the cannabis industry Trulieve is the best experience you couple possibly imagine. Eric was my patients consultant and he is the man with the all the knowledge! Gerardo was also the biggest help in the world making me feel comfortable. And there isn’t a more welcoming face over there then Amanda and Cheyenne!read more
18:50 06 Feb 20
This location is the best! I live 10 minutes from the Tampa location, but I drive out to the Clearwater location because they are so efficient. I can drive to Clearwater and get in and out faster than just going to the Tampa location. They are all very kind and helpful, but a big shout out to Amanda. She is super knowledgeable and saved me a bunch of money on my last visit. I had a re-cert coupon that I was planning to use, but she did the math and figured out I would save pretty much the same amount by using their special discount of the day, and could save my re-cert coupon for the next visit. Great products and great service!read more
ROLLING IRIS Productions
23:29 07 Jan 20
I’ve been a customer at the Clearwater Trulieve since I relocated to Tarpon a few months ago, and let me tell you, I’ve had an incredible experience every time. In particular, my sessions being under the guidance and care of Gerardo have been the best. His customer service skills are the God-Tier; he is attentive, hilarious and extremely knowledgeable about the product, always directing me exactly to the perfect product for my needs. This man is like the Sherlock Holmes of Medical Marijuana. I tell him what my ailments are and what I’m looking for, and like some Jimmy Neutron brain blast, Gerardo instantly points me in the direction I need to go. He is a guru, and if you ever end up shopping at Trulieve Clearwater, you’ll be counting down the minutes till you’re back under the caring hands of more
Pablo Munoz
Pablo M.
22:56 07 Jan 20
I’ve been a recent customer to the medicinal movement and Trulieve has definitely been a spot I like to stop and shop at consistently. This one in particular out in Clearwater has been a favorite stop of mine because of your employee Gerardo. With a kind greet and warm smile I was immediately comfortable. Very easy to talk to and easy to understand when breaking down the facts of all your products. I live out in Tampa but I’d rather make the drive out there just to have Gerardo help me and make conversation. Thank you G and thank you Trulieve! I recommend a visit out there to all my more
Mr ClarkWW
Mr C.
22:34 07 Jan 20
Been a patient at the Clearwater location for a short time now and this location has by far some of the best customer service I have ever experienced! It was nice to be greeted with so many warm smiles and sincerity. I was particularly impressed with Gerardo’s product knowledge and overall customer service. He was extremely kind, patient, and willing to answer any questions I had. I am very grateful for his kindness and professionalism!!read more
Clarissa Byrd
Clarissa B.
21:24 12 Sep 19
Love my doe see does
Jimmie Love
Jimmie L.
03:10 10 Aug 19
Great experience every time employees are knowledgeable of everything I will give a 10 star if possible💯💪🏾read more
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